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Shadow Puppet Review: The Dark Horse of iPhone Multimedia Editing

9.5Shadow Puppet

Yes, there are dozens of video and image editing applications available in the App Store, and Shadow Puppet is one of them. Although the name of the app sounds misleading, it’s actually a multimedia editing software, which is designed to let you blend and edit photos, videos, music and audio recordings to create short movie clips. Let’s take a look at what Shadow Puppet is capable of doing and know if it’s worth installing:


POPSUGAR Active: An Exercise Routine on Your Fingertips


POPSUGAR Active’s icon may look like a heart from a kid’s game for girls, but it is actually one of the best health and fitness apps available in the App Store as of today. That being said, this app isn’t specifically aimed for men looking to pump iron and carve out washboard abs: it is actually targeting women looking to unwind, shed extra calories before Thanksgiving and those hoping to not gain too much weight during the holiday season. So, let’s take a look at what it provides and see if it’s worth the download:


Crazy Taxi: City Rush Review: Awesome iOS Arcade Action

8.8Crazy Taxi

Game developers are apparently targeting old-school gamers, given that they’re bringing back games of the past on mobile phones. These include the Final Fantasy series, Pacman, the Grand Theft Auto Series (III, Vice City and San Andreas), and recently Crazy Taxi. The mobile version of this game is called “Crazy Taxi: City Rush” and it promises to be as dynamic and flamboyant as its original title, which was well-received 14 years ago. So, let’s review the iOS version and learn if this app is worth installing:


Astropolo: A Kiddie Space Adventure!


As a parent, looking for the right games for your child is quite difficult nowadays – some may be deemed too violent, while others have zero educational value. In this case, trying out Astropolo (available at the App Store for $2.99) is a must. This quirky, space adventure designed to attract kids (and worried parents) could be in the running for one of the best educational games available in the App Store. If you’re skeptical about spending $3 dollars to purchase it, here’s an in-depth review that will allow you to have a good look at it:


WestHost: Are the High Prices Worth It?


Starting @ $4.00/month

Westhost isn’t a household name in the web hosting service, and it’s not the cheapest either – compared to other hosting services, this service has one of the priciest in the industry, starting at $4. That being said, this company started in 1998, so you can be assured that they have fully adjusted to the changes and battles in the business. Anyway, it may not be as mainstream as GoDaddy and HostGator, it’s still a widely used web host service. So, how does it fare against its competitors and what are its pros and cons?


F-Prot Anti-Virus 2014: Better Than Nothing

5F Prot Antivirus


F-Prot Anti-Virus 2014 isn’t well-known throughout the anti-virus software world, given that they are overshadowed by more popular ones, like Kaspersky, Avira and even Bullguard. However, it’s actually one of the oldest AVs in the world, with it being created in 1989. The company behind it also introduced the heuristic engine, protecting computers from then-unknown viruses. Although it is considered innovative at back in the day, it has lagged behind many ofits competitors. Why? Well, let’s review it and its features:


Avira Anti-Virus 2014: The Anti-Viral Umbrella



Every time the word ‘antivirus’ is mentioned, everybody goes absolutely ballistic, and Avira certainly takes advantage of this. This German company may not be one of the mainstream names in the AV market, but the performances of its products certainly proves that it deserves the top spot. Anyway, its logo may look like it’s drawn by a toddler lacking imagination, but a company and its software isn’t judged by its visual representation, right?





G Data Software is a German anti-malware and security software company based in Germany – and in almost all of its products, there stands a red silhouette of a German Shepherd. So, like Bullguard (another anti-malware company), G Data is using a dog to represent its products. That being said, does the anti-virus live up to this breed’s reputation as a security and war dog?


Bullguard Anti-Virus 2014: Simple, Strong and Solid



The Pit bull is a popular and strong dog breed, popular in Great Britain and the United States. Dogs of this breed can be fierce, strong and at the same time, loving to their owners. This breed is the inspiration for Bullguard’s name and logo. Thing is, does the company’s anti-virus software justify the dog’s demeanor and capabilities? It may not be as mainstream as their competitors, like Avira, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Symantec and Avast, but their anti-virus software is a force to be reckoned with. We all know how important it is to pick one that can completely protect your devices – Bullguard Anti-Virus 2014 can play this role.