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The Return of Minimalistic Game Play Apps

 Is it in the graphics? The background music? The characters? What is it that really makes video games so addictive? Why do often fall victims to eye-straining, back-aching games?

If you want a game that both adults and kids – even toddlers – can understand and enjoy make it simple. “If you can’t beat em, join ‘em,” right? Minimalist games have been on a rise these past few years because of how easy they are for players of all ages.

In an article from The Kernel, titled “The Psychology of Game Addiction”, they state that “Gaming addicts are more or less on their own, and have to fight their addiction by figuring out what makes the real world so unappealing when compared the bright lights of the computer screen. And the rest of us have to keep an eye on games manufacturers stepping over the line from entertainment to exploitation.”

But just as long as we don’t let it take over our lives, video game addiction shouldn’t be a problem. After all, what are our smart phones, tablets and computers for (aside from doing work and studies)?

Here are some no-sweat games from the past few years that we obsessed over, no matter how difficult they were to beat:  


Kids with iPads are Appsolutely Normal

As a kid, my spare time was filled with outdoor playtime, naps (though I admit they were rare) daily afternoon cartoons, playing house and reading books or taking trips to the library. A decade and a sibling later, so many things have changed.

Our generation cannot handle being disconnected anymore – whether it is through a phone, the computer or tablets, we always have to tinker with something. I had my share of early technology too – through Nokia phones, Tetris handheld games, and dial up internet connections on boxy personal computers.

It’s a funny irony, how toddlers turn out to be better at handling gadgets and iPads than their parents. Even if the gadgets are meant to be for the enjoyment of the adults, they always get passed down to the kids – unless they malfunction or break before the younglings get their hands on it.

Technology was created and meant to make our lives easier, not deter our growth as humans. It’s up to us how we handle it. Since the first iPads came out in 2010, it has become a staple family gadget, especially when it came to teaching and “taming” kids.


Mobile Game Review for Star Wars: Force Arena (New)

8Star Wars Force Arena

Game Title: Star Wars : Force Arena


Netmarble Games Corp.


Free to play. In-app purchases and upgrades also available.

MB size: 197 MB

Installation/Mobile Requirements:

Star Wars: Force Arena is now available worldwide for iOS and Android devices. Launched during the first half of January 2017.

Intro to Basic Gameplay:

Like other MOBA games, players will be in control of a leader and backup units. The same applies to your opponent. The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy’s shield generator within the given time.  Both of you have to defend your own towers and blow up each other’s base. Be careful of the turrets that protect the bases. In the game, shield generators are protected by ally defense turrets. Keep in mind that once it’s destroyed, you lose the battle.

However, if you fail to destroy their shield generator, the victor will be determined through objective points gained. Your opponent’s leader can vary from Darth Vader to Director Orson Krennic and everyone in between. Eliminating the leader also makes your chances of destroying the opponent’s shield generator faster.

Although it comes with a tutorial for beginners, it does not cover all aspects of the game. While you progress through the game, you’ll also be able to unlock new card packs for your growing deck. Familiarize yourself with the types of cards/characters and their statistics as you go. Feel free to choose which characters to include in your deck depending on your opponent but make sure to include different types of cards (leader, squad, support cards, and structure).

Compared to other MOBA games, the distance between bases is a lot nearer, so you don’t waste too much time trying to hunt down your opponents. A mini-map on the top left corner helps you locate your enemies and their turrets more efficiently.

The longer you play, the more you’ll aspire to unlock all the other characters. Players are free to pick which side (Lightside or Darkside) they want to be part of. Beat Emperor Palpatine or be Emperor Palpatine? The choice is yours.

It also offers a feature that lets you chat with your guild mates.

Star Wars: Force Arena is said to have plenty of similarities to Clash Royale, but with a faster pace.

What’s New?

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story characters are one of the newest additions to the game.
  • A new Guild system has been added.

Download in Google Play    Available in Appstore