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WestHost: Are the High Prices Worth It?


Starting @ $4.00/month

Westhost isn’t a household name in the web hosting service, and it’s not the cheapest either – compared to other hosting services, this service has one of the priciest in the industry, starting at $4. That being said, this company started in 1998, so you can be assured that they have fully adjusted to the changes and battles in the business. Anyway, it may not be as mainstream as GoDaddy and HostGator, it’s still a widely used web host service. So, how does it fare against its competitors and what are its pros and cons?


MidPhase Review: Learn the Service


Starting @ $1.77/month

Now that online competition is getting tougher, I couldn’t afford to lose every minute of time. A lost minute can be equivalent to hundreds and thousands of dollars. So with respect to potentiality in the online business, I have to make sure that my website functions well every minute of the day.


JustHost Web Hosting Review: Excellent Service Within Your Reach


Starting @ $2.75/month

Web hosting services are becoming more and more popular as well as necessary as many businesses use the internet to expand one’s business. The truth is, it is almost impossible to succeed in the world of business these days without some social presence on the internet. So, choosing a web hosting provider can be a little overwhelming because different people have also their different needs.


iPage Web Hosting Services: Awesome Website That Works


Starting @ $1.68/month

Itching to provide new features with your website? Then iPage will aid to you with your needs. It comes with several services that are fit to accommodate your plans. Be it customized or not, this web-hosting site provides you everything you need with your web pages online. Starting from its domain, support, blogs and marketing store, iPage is probably the one that you will need to avail when you want a catchy start up with your website.


Vipre Anti-virus Review: Simplicity is In



Virus Intrusion Prevention Remediation Engine or better known as VIPRE, this antivirus can be installed easily and performs scan efficiently. Developed by GFI software, Vipre is a combination of anti-virus, firewall protection and anti-spyware for a good quality security offering. With its entire new interface this year, the Vipre anti-virus 2015 has improved a lot in terms of its interface.


Dodge Malware Threats With Trend Micro

7trend micro


Tired of availing anti-virus securities that cannot assure you with your PC needs? Then why don’t give it a try with Trend Micro, a fully enhanced security system that will dodge off any impurities ready to assault and wreck your PCs and other devices. For almost three decades of providing support and security for both tech and normal people, there’s no question and doubt with Trend Micro’s credibility, quality and excellent service.


F-Prot Anti-Virus 2014: Better Than Nothing

5F Prot Antivirus


F-Prot Anti-Virus 2014 isn’t well-known throughout the anti-virus software world, given that they are overshadowed by more popular ones, like Kaspersky, Avira and even Bullguard. However, it’s actually one of the oldest AVs in the world, with it being created in 1989. The company behind it also introduced the heuristic engine, protecting computers from then-unknown viruses. Although it is considered innovative at back in the day, it has lagged behind many ofits competitors. Why? Well, let’s review it and its features:


Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware Antivirus+:Good is Not Enough?

7.3Lavasoft's Ad-Aware antivirus


Last year, Microsoft confirmed that to use other third party anti-virus solutions instead of the Microsoft Security Essentials. Yet, it is still good news (well for me it is), because Lavasoft also launched its Ad-Aware 11 Edition in the market. Of course Lavasoft are best known for their all Ad-Aware products, which provides a solution for many IT users needing to remove the spyware from their computers.


Avira Anti-Virus 2014: The Anti-Viral Umbrella



Every time the word ‘antivirus’ is mentioned, everybody goes absolutely ballistic, and Avira certainly takes advantage of this. This German company may not be one of the mainstream names in the AV market, but the performances of its products certainly proves that it deserves the top spot. Anyway, its logo may look like it’s drawn by a toddler lacking imagination, but a company and its software isn’t judged by its visual representation, right?