10 must-have features for your next playground

When it comes to playgrounds, safety is always the number one priority. But that doesn’t mean that fun and creativity should be sacrificed in the process.

In fact, there are a number of features you can include in your next playground that will ensure both safety and fun. Here are ten must-have features to consider:

1. Twisty slides.

Children love twisting and turning and parents can enjoy watching their child’s expressions as they go down the slide in a zigzag motion.

2. Climbing nets.

These provide climbing opportunities for children of all ages and abilities, giving them different degrees of a challenge at every level. They also add stability to any structure, which decreases the chance of injury due to tipping over. And if attached correctly, there is no need for a ladder or stairs—the net itself provides direct access right from the ground!

In addition, many climbing net manufacturers make nets that are aesthetically pleasing so you don’t have to sacrifice design for function. Instead, you get both!

3. Cryptoclimb things/features.

Use cryptos to develop a child’s spatial awareness and help them become more comfortable with heights. Plus, they can be created to fit the theme of your park, adding another point of interest for children as they explore.

4. Playhouses.

These provide traditional play opportunities for kids who have been playing in the same way for many years now—and there is nothing wrong with that! But if you already have tall slides and tall towers, then a small area designated as a “house” can add a new twist on an old favorite.

5. Hoola hoops/hula hoops.

Hoola hoops are fun playground features that will engage all children at once, including those who may not be interested in climbing. Combined with hula hoops, you can create different paths along your park for kids of all interests and abilities.

6. Climbing rocks.

We all know that children who climb at an early age are less likely to suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights) as adults—and these rocks are the perfect opportunity for children to start this important habit!

7. A play area within a sensory garden/area/space

Sensory gardens present opportunities for new kinds of play that might interest some children, yet be completely foreign to others. This gives parents a chance to see how their child responds—watching closely as they approach or retreat from a new kind of stimulus or climactic change—and then to allow them more time or space as needed.

8. Stairs, ladders, spiral slides

These are all staples of the traditional playground, but every new generation will appreciate these features in a new way. Even if your current playground equipment has some of these elements, consider adding new ones along with traditional designs to provide new opportunities for play—not just for children who haven’t seen them before but also for those that have!

9. Hideaways/hiders/viewing areas

These give children multiple vantage points from which to watch other kids on the playground without being noticed themselves—a great chance for shy children to find their voice and join in the fun! Plus, they can even be customized into a game of hide-and-seek that the whole family can enjoy.

10. A slide that is long/large enough for small climbers to stand on it and descend!

Many slides suitable for toddlers are not safe for older kids, but have a large enough base they can be both fun and inviting at the same time.

When planning your next playground, be sure to include features that will keep both children and parents entertained. Our list of ten must-haves includes climbing nets, Cryptoclimb things/features, playhouses, Hoola hoops/hula hoops, climbing rocks, a sensory garden area/space, stairs, ladders, spiral slides, and a slide that is long enough for small climbers to stand on it and descend! Which ones will you choose for your park?


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