10 trendy ways to transform a blank wall

Picking out the perfect furniture can be a grueling process. Renters and owners alike will often spend all of their time and energy focusing on filling each room that they neglect to consider the actual walls surrounding them.

A properly adorned wall sets the tone for the rest of your interior, while a bare one can make the whole space seem sterile and incomplete. Think of your walls as blank canvases just waiting for a collection of décor to bring them to life. Here are ten great ways to transform boring walls into beautiful interiors.


Fresh paint

Before you reach for a hammer and nails, take a step back to assess the current state of paint on your walls. Does the faded yellow bring up memories of yesteryear – and not in a good way?

While it is true that a large artwork can help hide an old stain, the purpose of wall décor is not to cover flaking paint or an outdated color scheme. Having focal points on or near the wall will actually draw attention to these flaws – and no, dints and cracks do not give the space ‘character’.

The beauty of a fresh coat of paint is that you can go bold with deep hues that set the mood for your entire space or keep it subtle with crisp neutrals that allow the other décor to speak for itself. Regardless of your color choice, a tin of paint is a cheap and easy way to freshen up not only your walls but the rest of your interior.



One of the most tried and tested ways of styling walls is with wall art – and for good reason.

Art prints and paintings can really spruce up your bare walls and take your entire interior to a whole new level. Who said you had to stick with one piece of art either? Mix and match frames and artworks for a relaxed, eclectic vibe.

The trick is to opt for art that complements the rest of the space as well as picking the correct size. An oversized floral print won’t look quite as spectacular hung above a two-seater sofa. Likewise, a small animal painting will be lost above a large modular model. Aim to create balance and harmony by choosing and hanging art proportionate to each room.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most stylish of them all? Mirrors are a bare wall’s best friend – not only do they reflect light and create a feeling of space (particularly handy for smaller spaces), they can draw a spotlight on particular furniture or décor when hung directly across from it.

Apart from its reflective properties, the frame of a mirror can add visual interest to a room. Remember that mirrors and wall art don’t necessarily have to be hung – simply prop them up against the wall to create the same effect without resorting to screws or 3M tape. Or better yet, finish off your interior with the inbuilt style and function of the Dressing Table Mirror Stool Set Ethan.



Wall décor is not just limited to prints, artworks or frames. More than just a handy way of keeping an eye on the time, a hanging clock can infuse charm and sophistication to any interior. It may not seem like a lone clock would do much for a blank wall – but adding a sleek and modern timepiece to a wall can quickly create a stylish focal point in any room.


Whether floating, fixed or standalone, shelves are a fantastic way of combining beauty with a purpose. Not only does a shelving unit – such as the Field Double Open Shelf – help declutter a room by hiding knickknacks and clearing up valuable floor space, it can also make your entire wall look super stylish. Large and small areas alike will benefit from vertical shelving – use them to store favorite cookbooks, display family portraits or even show off a cacti collection.


Gone are the days of battered corkboards – chalkboard walls are the modern way to set reminders, create pesky to-do lists and even jot down daily quotes of inspiration. No matter what the style of your interior – whether it be rustic, contemporary or somewhere in between – a chalkboard-covered wall is sure to be a great fit.

Paint an entire wall in chalkboard paint or add a uniquely framed chalkboard to bring a fun and trendy element into the room. Use it as an artwork station for the kids or spruce up a blank office wall with a framed chalkboard and never forget a phone number again – it is a stylish addition fit for the whole family.


Wall lights aren’t simply an option for providing extra lighting to a space or scaring off possible intruders – they can also be a great way to provide a decorative statement to your walls. Add visual interest to your hanging gallery through wall sconces or inject a unique mood to the corner of a room with a low hanging ceiling pendant.

Lights don’t automatically need to be hung or fixed to spruce up a wall. Accent a dull wall or create a warm ambiance with the Indus floor lamp – not only does it look stylish with its old-school glam, but it also requires nothing more than a connection to a power source and some floor space.



Just because walls are flat, doesn’t mean the décor has to be. Texture is important for sofas, floor covering and even window treatments – so why should the same principles not apply to walls?

Do it like the Russians do and hang fabric to bring some worldly charm to your interior. From feather jujus and thick handwoven rugs, to colourful tapestries and even giant jute tassels – there is bound to be a colour, pattern and texture to reflect your personality and style. Highlight a huge handmade piece on the wall to help warm the room and create a dramatic focal point to space.



Many people cringe when they hear the word ‘wallpaper’. While the unfortunate reputation is somewhat deserved, today’s wallpaper is a far cry from the tacky, floral stuff found in your grandmother’s house.

Wallpaper and wall decals can quickly transform a blank wall into a classy canvas – without the help of a paintbrush. The endless array of patterns, colors and textures available mean you have the freedom to go bold with contemporary patterns or create a subtle backdrop for the rest of your interior.



There is no need to resort to bulky china cabinets to display your crockery collection. Adorning your walls with plates is a cheap and creative way of creating beautiful focal points in a room. Although you may not be able to eat with these plates, an arrangement of decorative platters will add personality to any interior.


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