10 ways to make your liquor store stand out

If you’re running a liquor store, you know that competition is fierce. With so many options available, it can be tough to get customers through your door. But don’t worry, there are ways to make your store stand out from the rest. Here are ten of them:

1. Know your area – The first step is to understand the demographics of your neighborhood and community. Where are people going out? What kinds of alcohol do they drink? Do they prefer beer or wine? Knowing what you’re up against will help determine how to position yourself in the marketplace.

2. Inventory – Inventory is very important because it will determine what you offer your customers. Make sure to stock plenty of local beers, wines and liquors for the people who are looking specifically for those products.

3. Price – No one likes spending more money than they have to, so make sure that you price competitively. This is where allocating enough funds to take advantage of sales can go a long way in helping drive traffic through your door.

4. Promotions – People love saving money at their favorite retailers, which is why simple promotions like “happy hour” discounts or regular giveaways are great ideas for increasing foot traffic to your liquor store.

5. Unique Atmosphere – You don’t have to be in an upscale neighborhood in order to have an upscale establishment. If you’re near a college campus, for example, try hosting fun events like trivia nights and open mic events to bring in students looking for a good time!

6. Window Displays – Another idea that works well with college crowds is to use your windows as an advertisement space. You can place branded posters and flyers within the display to get people excited about upcoming events and promotions without ever having to open the door and let them inside.

7. Decor – Even small changes like rearranging your liquor store or displaying certain products on mannequins can make a big difference in someone’s perception of your business.

8. Loyalty Program – Offering discounts for repeat customers is another great way to increase traffic through your doors while also building brand loyalty.

9. Free Wi-Fi – If you’re in an upscale neighborhood, offering free wi-fi is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition and give your customers another incentive to choose your liquor store over others nearby.

10. Facebook Page – Create a Facebook page for your retail location that allows people to connect with you online before they ever step inside of your establishment!

Making sure that you stand out from the crowd is key when trying to build up business for your liquor store. Using these ten strategies can help drive traffic through the doors so that more people learn about what you have to offer!

Many liquor stores are fighting for the same customers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your store stand out. By implementing these ten strategies, you should be able to increase foot traffic and win over more clients in no time!


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