14 Tips for SEO Link Building

Most people think that link building has been dead for many years particularly for marketers who failed to adapt to the rapidly changing rules, increased requirements for great link building tools, skills, perseverance, and details.

Such marketers have focused only on high-quality content and on-page search engine optimization and neglected links.

According to Google, one of the giant search engines, links, and excellent content are important ranking factors. Indeed, it is very difficult for your site to rank well in search engine results pages unless it has great links.

Remember, ​not all backlinks are equal​ so it’s not the more links you have on your site, the better, it’s about the quality of those links too.

Here are 14 link building tips for 2019.


Request backlinks

If you are a beginner in link building, asking for backlinks is a great way to get started. Think about your relatives, clients, friends, and colleagues who have blogs or any other type of website and ask them for a backlink. Instead of asking for links in the footer, focus on getting contextual backlinks. Remember, the backlink should come from a site that is relevant to your industry and niche.


Establish relationships

For effective link building, you need to establish good relationships. Start with niche-related blogs, forums, and social groups on Facebook and other social networks.

Make a bold move and begin contributing to relevant and interesting posts and comments. Focus on offering contextual value to all the relevant discussions.

By participating actively in these ​social communities related to your industry​ and niche, you will get good backlinks and have access to the latest industry news. Besides, you will be in a good position to connect to the right individuals that share your interests and passions.


Write testimonials

According to link building experts, testimonial link building has always been a win-win scenario. Most companies offer you an opportunity to write something about an experience you had after buying and using their products. Well, this is a good way of building client trust. On the other hand, it is a perfect chance for you to get a backlink and probably get traffic from that website.


Start a great blog

Avoid starting a blog with just a single post and one backlink to your website. Otherwise, you will have wasted your precious time and probably created a risky link for your website. If you intend to start a blog, keep it live by ​adding great content ​regularly.


Write excellent guest posts

Many blogs and can accept to publish your article. Before you write a guest post for any specific site, ensure that the blog or the website is relevant to your topic and the content isn’t about you and your company. Focus on providing great information to your audience. Remember, bad content will bring a bad reputation.


Include your site in trustworthy website directories

Some online directories don’t offer real value to users and Google tends to exclude such directories from search results. Your site should not be listed on such websites.

Fortunately, not all online directories are bad. Choose a directory that offers you a chance to post a great link to your site and allows you to share valuable information with your audience. For instance, you can consider niche directories and ones that are attached to highly informative websites for a particular industry.


Research your competitors’ backlinks

If you check your competitors’ sites, you will discover that they have various backlinks in common that you may not have. If they got these links, why shouldn’t you get them too? Consider using a Backlink Tool to analyze your competitors’ backlinks and get them too.

Fix your site’s dead links

Probably your website has broken links. This might happen if the changed the location of a web page or a particular webmaster misspelled your link. Broken links are the major cause of the 404 error. Recover these links by creating a new page or redirecting them to an active web page.


Acquire indirect links from a competitor

There are high chances that your competitors are linking to the same websites. Find sites where your competitors commonly link to. In most cases, these are usually authority websites in a particular industry. A link from such sites will be helpful. But there is more; your competitors can link to your website indirectly.


Turn your mentions into great backlinks

If someone wrote something about you or your brand but didn’t link the mention to your brand, you can contact the webmaster and request them to convert that mention into a backlink.

Other excellent ​link building tips​ include;


Have an RSS feed for your site or blog:

This will make it easier for your readers to find share your high-quality content.


Choose an evergreen topic or keyword:

​If you want other websites to find your content and link to it, you need something fantastic that will attract their attention.


Turn that evergreen topic into excellent content​:

Based on the keyword and the topic you selected, create lengthy and highly informative content. Ensure that the content is actionable, easy to understand, and offers answers to your customers’ questions.


Resource page link building is a powerful tool:

A resource page is simply a web page that offers useful resources and links for specific topics. You can get your blog or website included as one of the useful links for their readers.



Basically, the evolution of link building has not changed much. The key to success has always been quality over quantity with the combination of both being the sweetest spot. Well, 2019 is here, and perhaps you are creating your link building goals. The tips discussed here have worked for most digital marketers and will continue to be great areas for focus in 2019.


Blog Source: Doz.com | 14 SEO Link Building Tips for 2019


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