The 3 Tips for Adding Wallpaper to Baby’s Room

Adding wallpaper to a baby’s room is the perfect way to insert whimsical charm into space in a cost-effective way. With hundreds of unique designs available, you can transform your baby’s room into almost anything you can think of.

We know that as a parent, you want the best for your child. You want them to stand out from the crowd. So why not start with their room?

While there’s nothing wrong with four white walls and a couple of framed photos, it won’t enliven the imagination of your child as much as a fun wallpaper design will.

Below are some tips to help you add wallpaper to your baby’s room.

1. Explore Your Wallpaper Options

Not only are there hundreds of suitable wallpaper patterns available, but they also come in a variety of formats. For example, wallpaper trims — narrow strips of paper usually placed at the top of the wall right underneath the ceiling — are an excellent option if you want to convey a theme without overpowering the room with the design.

With wallpaper borders, you can pick out designs that are more detailed and don’t make the room looked small or disorganized.

It also allows you to add shelves and other features without worrying about damaging the wallpaper.

Some potential ideas include adding a border of frolicking bunnies and painting the walls colors that pair well with the mural.

2. Think Long-Term

When installed correctly, wallpaper has a life expectancy of almost 15 years, so choose your designs carefully.

Your baby will change a lot in just a couple of years, let alone 15. Choose a wallpaper that grows with your child, or pick out a fun, new design you feel happy changing every couple of years.

3. Get Creative

No one ever said that wallpaper can only be used on the walls. Get creative with your designs and add wallpaper to the ceiling. A space theme will teach your child to reach for the stars and explore life.

An added bonus of adding wallpaper to the ceiling is more flexibility in changing the room as the child ages.

Adding wallpaper to your child’s room is transformative, and it’s great for feeding their imagination. With hundreds of designs, there’s no better place to find wallpaper for your baby’s room than here at Wallpaper Warehouse. Tell us about some of your best baby room designs!


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | 3 Tips for Adding Wallpaper to Baby’s Room


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