4 Reasons to Hang Bathroom Wallpaper

In the past, bathroom wallpaper was seen as a serious no-no — a definite décor choice to avoid. Between its tendency to break down in the presence of moisture to its closed-in, outdated traditional patterns, having bathroom wallpaper was a sign you were out of touch.

Now, the opposite is true. Bathroom wallpaper is the aesthetic standout you want for so many reasons, but these four are at the top of the list:


1. There’s Less Wall Space, so it’s More Affordable

It’s cheap to hang bathroom wallpaper, especially when compared to the cost of wallpapering your great room.

Bathrooms, especially powder rooms, are significantly smaller than main living areas (usually), and this means you can invest in the best wallpaper product you can find and still stay within a reasonable budget. You get an affordable transformation, but your wallpaper looks like it’s worth much more than you paid.

2. It’s Out of the Way, so it’s Perfect for Experimentation

Has it been some time since you last hung wallpaper? Or are you looking to try out a pattern that you think is too wild for your main living areas?

Your bathroom is smaller and not the first space people see when they walk into your home. It’s the perfect test for your wallpapering skills, especially if you’re warming up for a bigger project, and it’s an ideal space to experiment with different patterns and styles.

3. It’s Small — Wallpaper Can Expand Closed Quarters

Brewster Wallpaper Alastair Grey Tiles
If your miniature, tiny powder room doesn’t have a window, and the sink and toilet are crammed in and taking up almost all available space, that’s normal.

Lots of homes have teeny-weeny first-floor half-bathrooms, but you shouldn’t neglect to decorate this space because it’s small. In fact, the type of wallpaper you hang can ultimately determine how your guests perceive it.

It’s possible to use wallpaper patterns to expand visual depth. Combined with smart lighting choices, your guests won’t feel claustrophobic when they freshen up.

4. It’s Exciting — Modern Vinyl Wallpaper Goes Where Traditional Products Can’t

Yes, a decade or two ago, it was mostly frowned upon to use wallpaper in bathrooms because of the moisture factor. Paper and water don’t usually go well together.

But now with the growing popularity of vinyl products, bathroom wallpaper is big business. Vinyl can withstand high humidity. You can even clean it with a damp cloth. Vinyl makes bathroom wallpaper possible from a functional standpoint, expanding your design options.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re excited to help you pick the bathroom wallpaper that’s right for your home. Get free shipping on all domestic orders — and use the money you save to buy more wallpaper!


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