The 4 Things Property Owners Must Know About Metal Roof Redo

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Metal roofing materials are classier than ever. Galvanized and painted metal roofing panels are available in a variety of color and trim options that freshen and upgrade homes of nearly all architectural styles. These roofing materials are long lasting and low maintenance, two traits that make them ideal for busy families and retired homeowners.

There are a few things you should know about metal roofing materials as you select the color and style of roof that looks best on your structure. The more you know about metal roofing materials, the better the choices you’ll make when ordering the list of items you’ll need to have your roof properly upgraded to a metal surface.

You Can Install Lightweight Metal Over Previously Shingled Roofs

Metal roofing materials are extremely lightweight compared to asphalt shingles. Metal is also a less fussy option than shingles for property owners who want a new look for their roofs. For these reasons, many property owners choose to have their formerly shingled roofs covered with painted or galvanized metal sheets.

This involves ripping off and discarding old shingles, but no major structural upgrades are required for the trusses and roof bracing if these elements are in good shape.

In some locations, it’s acceptable to have two layers of roof on one dwelling. Metal roofing in these areas is often layered over old asphalt shingles, yet the arrangement still meets code. This method reduces waste, adds additional thermal mass to the roof, and cuts down on damage to landscaping.

If you choose to layer metal over asphalt, your roofing professionals should first inspect your old roof and repair any problems like leaks and buckling. Some experts caution against laying metal over asphalt due to condensation issues. This problem can be solved by applying a proper underlayment over the old shingles.

You Only Get Once Chance at Underlayment

Whether you’re having a roof installed on a new building or replacing a worn roof, you only get one chance to protect your roof decking from moisture, heat, and frigid temperatures. A product called underlayment is used to seal and insulate the roof decking, but it can be applied only before the steel or metal panels are screwed in place.

Underlayment is available in a variety of styles, from sheets that are taped down over decking to peel-and-stick underlayment that seals in vent stacks and other oddly shaped roof penetrations. Some underlayment is made of felt while other roof-deck coverings are made of reflective foil or synthetic materials.

Each type of underlayment has its pros and cons, so choose the type that will give you the most bang for your buck. For example, choose a reflective type of underlayment if your roof receives a great deal of sunshine throughout the day. Choose a more water-repellant underlayment if moisture and heavy rains are a problem where you live.

You Should Take the Time to Order Materials for Success

Make certain to have your roofing professional take accurate measurements of your ridge lines, dormers, and other areas of the roof where metal trim is to be installed. This saves you the bother and delay of having to order additional trim pieces if you fall short while the roof is being installed.

Ideally, you want to order all of your metal at the same time to have the best chance of matching colors throughout the material stack. Ordering all metal from one manufacturer is the best bet, since colors will be uniform in most cases. If you mix types of metal roofing, panels may appear to be the same color now but will fade differently in the future and be a distraction.

Order high-quality roofing caulk and high-quality fasteners to ensure your metal roof is securely fastened and sealed against the elements. Each type of metal roofing panel has a suggested fastener type recommended for use with the material in the panel. Follow these recommendations to avoid rusted or corroded screws and other fasteners.

You Should Remember That Not All Metal Is Shaped Alike

If you like the idea of metal as a reliable roofing material but prefer the look of shingles over metal panels, that’s okay. There’s a happy compromise, since metal shingles are available.

There are metal roofing products that resemble slate tiles, wood shakes, or clay tiles. These specialty metal products are pricier than standard metal sheet roofing, but some are less expensive than the materials they mimic. The metal “tiles” and shingles are also more flame resistant than standard shingles, shakes, and clay tiles.

Stone-coated metal panels are a bit more costly than standard sheet metal panels. However, all metal panels are coated to repel rust and the elements while retaining the bright colors.

If you’re in the process of ordering materials for your own metal roof, take some time to choose the best methods, products, and tools for your location and situation. Research the products and ask roofing experts for their advice on the best metal products on the market.

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