The 4 Ways to Place Wallpaper in a Child’s Bedroom

Hanging wallpaper in a child’s bedroom is a quick way to create a personalized, fun and inviting space for them to call their own.

A child’s bedroom is their sanctuary, cave, castle or adventuring ship, depending on the liveliness of the imagination. To encourage their role play and foster their imagination, add wallpaper! Below are four ways to use wallpaper in a child’s bedroom with this goal in mind.

1. Try Something Different

If you want your child to be creative, you should be too. A standard wallpaper pattern isn’t enough — it has to prompt their next big idea! What about a wallpaper mural of giant mushrooms or an array of safari animals? Create an under-the-sea theme, or maybe a mountaintop.

There are so many settings and scenes you can build using wallpaper designed to ignite the imagination.

2. Decorate the Ceiling

What’s on the ceiling? If it’s just white plaster, you have an opportunity to feed your child’s imagination even more.

Remember the hours you spent staring at the ceiling when you were awake before anyone else in the house, or when you couldn’t fall asleep at night? Hang wallpaper, but not in a traditional spot — put it on the ceiling! You’ll give them hours to spend thinking up a wonderful story based on their ceiling paper design. It might replace counting sheep!

3. Hang it on Furniture

Wallpaper can be used as a great accent element in a child’s bedroom as well, and it doesn’t necessarily involve hanging it on a wall or ceiling. What about their bookshelves?

Cut squares to fit the back panel of their shelving. Dressers also provide a blank canvas. Wallpaper the sides, or line the insides of the drawers for a design surprise! You can also wallpaper a headboard, which is a great way to add an accent that matches their bedspread.

4. Create an Adorable Closet

The closet doesn’t have to be messy — it can be a place of mystery! Hang wallpaper in a child’s bedroom closet and it will be their favorite place to escape and read a book or play with their dolls or stuffed animals.

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Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | 4 Ways to Use Wallpaper in a Child’s Bedroom


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