The 5 Features and Benefits of Flat and Low-Slope Roofs

Flat and low-slope roofs are often associated with commercial properties. With contemporary architecture becoming more commonplace, this type of roofing is becoming more popular. As one of the roofers who provide quality low-slope roofing options, Elite Roofing Solutions shares with you its benefits.


  1. It’s Windproof – Perhaps the main advantage of low-slope roofs is its inherent wind resistance, which is significantly better than its steep-sloped counterparts. If you are choosing a single-ply roofing like TPO or EPDM, quality installation is important: a single loose seam, gap or hole could grow quickly when exposed to high winds.
  2. It’s Accessible and Easy to Maintain – The nearly-flat surface allows roof access without the need for climbing equipment (we recommend against going near the roof edge, though). If you need to perform a visual inspection, covering the entire roof area would be easy. This also helps expedite professional repairs. With residential-sized flat roofs, roof repairs can be done within a day.
  3. Durable – Certain low-slope residential roofs, such as modified bitumen and the traditional built-up roofing (BUR) – also known as gravel and tar roof – are extremely durable and can withstand moderate foot traffic. If you wish to convert your roof into a roof deck, then such kinds of low-slope roofing would be perfect. You can host a rooftop barbecue without worrying about damaging your roof.
  4. Utility – If you happen to have split air conditioning units, you can also maximize your living area by siting the compressor half of your AC on the roof, similar to commercial properties. It will take some assistance from your HVAC expert, but the result can help you save on precious floor area as well as minimize the noise caused by the AC.
  5. Energy-Efficient – Older roofing types like the aforementioned BUR are thick enough to minimize the amount of heat absorbed through the roof. With less heat reaching your indoor living space, less cooling is needed, which helps reduce your monthly energy consumption. Membrane roofing like TPO can achieve this same effect with its natural white color – which reflects the sun’s rays back to the source – or with reflective coatings.


Blog Source: Elite Roofing Solutions | 5 Features and Benefits of Flat and Low-Slope Roofs


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