5 Reasons For Buying Headlamps

Headlamps are a versatile piece of gear that can be used for a variety of activities. Whether you’re backpacking, camping, fishing, or just want some extra light while walking your dog at night, a headlamp can come in handy. Here are five reasons why you should buy a headlamp today!

1. Hands-Free Operation

Having a headlamp frees up your hands to do other things, like change clothes or navigate trail obstacles at night. There isn’t much you can’t do with the help of both hands! This reason alone is enough for me to always keep my headlamp nearby.

When you’re carrying a backpack on your back, it can be difficult to carry anything else in your hands. You need them for stability and balance when going over rough terrain while hiking, so having a headlamp frees up your hands for other activities. Whether you want to take some food out of your pack or grab some water from the stream, a headlamp is useful for freeing up your hands while still being able to see what you’re doing. This also comes in handy if you plan on cooking dinner with no light source. By bringing one of these along, you won’t have any issue getting things set up by the campfire. And you won’t have to worry about holding a flashlight in your teeth.

2. Run-Time & Lighting Options

Headlamps are usually powered by either AA or AAA batteries, making them great for extended backpacking trips where bringing spare power sources is necessary. Some headlamps come with a red LED light in addition to the white light in order to preserve your dark vision when you need it most (such as when fishing underwater), without blinding everyone around you with bright white light that’s aimed in their direction.

If you plan on going out after the sun has gone down, having a headlamp is helpful for seeing where you’re going while not draining all of your energy. By wearing one, it means that less power will be used by your lamp (which can get extremely bright!) and allow you to keep both eyes open. This makes for better vision at night because you’ll still be able to see what’s happening around you. With other lamps, such as flashlights, the light goes directly into your eye when using it which takes away some of your natural night vision. Flashlights are extremely useful but don’t use them when you want to keep your vision intact!

3. Versatility

Headlamps are useful in almost every activity you can think of. Whether it’s for cooking, reading, or navigating around camp at night, having a headlamp is never a bad idea. If the weather suddenly changes and you have to take off running, being able to flip on your headlamp quickly without having to fumble with a flashlight will come in handy one day! Some models even include a battery level indicator so you know how much juice you have left before needing to change batteries.

Having a headlamp with adjustable lighting will allow you to point the light where you need it most – whether that’s your tent, your cookstove, or the trail in front of you. A headlamp with an elastic strap can also help distribute the weight of heavy flashlights more evenly across your entire head, rather than having all of that weight on one part of your face (or nose!). Not only does this make them more comfortable, but it means much less strain on your neck! If you’re carrying a large flashlight for any reason while backpacking or camping, I recommend buying a lightweight headlamp to lighten the load.

4. Can’t Lose It!

Since most headlamps function just as well upside-down from what they’re designed for (such as when used upside-down while filling up water bottles) you’ll never have to worry about losing your headlamp. It won’t fall off accidentally, making it perfect for activities with a high risk of dropping gear!

5. Price

Headlamps are fairly cheap pieces of gear, usually available at your local hardware store or outdoors recreation retailer. Since they’re so small and lightweight, there’s really no reason not to have one unless you’re worried about having another thing to carry on your person. You can check them out online using this link.

Headlamps are relatively inexpensive, and you can find them at any outdoor store ( REI, MEC, Campmor, or even your local Canadian Tire will usually have a few options). If you feel like browsing for one online, here’s an example on Amazon in case you need more ideas!

Alternately, if you already own a flashlight with adjustable lighting that works for you, this would also make a great option. You can easily attach it to your head with an elastic strap for hands-free use, adjust the light as needed, and direct it where you want it most.


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