5 Things You Need To Know On How to Save Money When Redoing Your Roof

The roof is arguably an essential component of your house. After all, it keeps water out of your house and brings an aesthetic look in your home. While nobody likes having to pay thousands of dollars to replace their roof, the aesthetic look and safety it brings, keeps you at ease, besides making your compound entirely beautiful. You do not have to worry about re-roofing your house as it is at times a minor procedure and takes less than three hours to conduct. You can remove old shingles within a short period safely as long as you are aware of the various hazardous spots on the roof, to avoid injury. Below is a look at how you can save money as you replace your old roof.

Choose roofing materials that are on offer rebates

Manufacturers of roofing materials often put out their products on sale periodically. You should look out for such materials that are on offer as they could save you up to 10% or more. Ask your roofing expert to tell you when the roofing material that you want to purchase goes on sale as long as your house is not on the imminent need for a new roof.
Besides, you can also ask for help from the nearest wholesale vendor in your area that offers the materials, so that they can inform you on the cheap materials that may be on offer at a particular period. If you establish a strong relationship with them, they can also keep you in the know regarding other materials that you may require in future like shakes, slate, shingles among others.

File an insurance claim

If your roof incurs damages as a result of a storm or other natural calamities, you can launch a claim to your insurance. If you launch a complaint, you may be reimbursed by your insurance and as a result, reduce or incur no costs at all for your roof replacement.

Compare price estimates

Comparing a considerable number of process for contraction materials is the ultimate way you can know the variation in their prices. Most roof contractors will give you the estimate prices of the various roofs that they manufacture under no obligation. By gathering information on the various rates, you can set your goals and make a budget.
Still remember that low priced goods are not necessarily the best, as they could be of low quality, and as a result, you should watch out for the materials with the highest quality as they can last you longer.


The end of summer is usually the busiest time of the year for you to replace your roof. At this period, most contractors are usually very busy, and it may be hard to place a deal with either of them as they also tend to hike their prices. If it is possible, schedule the job for late spring to late early summer, to avoid incurring huge costs that are overly unnecessary. Besides, ensure that you make a plan with your contractor that can quickly cover up for your needs in the event of rain.

Select high-quality materials for re-roofing

Inexpensive materials may be of low quality and you should be keen to select elements that are of high quality regardless of their prices as they serve you for long to prevent fast damage that would call for an early replacement.


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