5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Wall Art

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Art is an expression. When it comes to decorating your home, it can play a huge role in the theme and style. For many people, choosing the right pieces to add can be difficult and leave them undecided. However, buying the perfect wall art does not have to be a mind-boggling decision. Here are five tips to help you deck your walls.

Choose What You Like

One of the most important rules for buying art is to purchase what you personally like. Pick something that speaks to you and that is a reflection of who you are as an individual.

Don’t feel obligated to buy expensive artwork for the sake of bragging rights, there are more affordable pieces that can be just as great as the classics and notable artists of the past.

And if you feel the need to splurge, make sure it is for you and not any other outside influences. Then you can ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your selection.

Consider Size

Just like buying furniture and other household items, you must think about the space that you have and the size of the artwork you’d like to purchase. Art that is too small will look out of place, while too large pieces will consume your entire room or even worse, not fit at all.

When you have a large wall that you’re looking to fill you can invest in a big canvas, or create a collage with several pieces to fill the empty space.

Additionally, there are some art pieces that come in sets, which can use more wall space.

Match Your Décor

Unless you plan on redecorating, it would be wise to invest in artwork that fits with your current décor theme. It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, but rather complement what is already in place. If you have a neutral color room, perhaps add a pop of color with art, or vice-versa.

Typically, art is where you can show more personality and be more eclectic so don’t be afraid to get a piece that is a statement or focal point for your room.

In addition, keep in mind the frame. Framed wall art should still fit in with your existing theme. If you have wooden elements in the room consider a wooden frame or the same for metal. Create a unified, well thought out design for your living space.

Think About the Type

Artwork comes in a variety of forms; canvas, photography, paintings, oil paintings and even metal wall art. When searching for the perfect addition, consider which type of art you’d like to include.

Photography art is going to be much cheaper than canvas or oil paintings, while the latter may have a bit more texture and mystic appeal. Still, there are some beautiful photographs that will complement your home; pictures of nature, people, monuments and more.

Even metal wall art will enhance your living space; abstract or concrete designs add dimension and charm to your room of choice.

Get Educated

No one is born an art guru, and you don’t have to become one to choose the perfect wall art. It is, however, good to be knowledgeable about art and artists in order to understand value, and appreciate the art form.

Visit local art galleries or exhibits. Ask your art savvy friends for suggestions and ideas. Expose yourself to the world of art and you’ll feel much more equipped to purchase the perfect wall art for your home.


Source: Goedekers | 5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Wall Art


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