5 TIPS for Hanging Wallpaper on an Accent Wall

Hanging wallpaper always takes thoughtful planning, but this process is even more important when it comes to paper an accent wall. There is less room for error because it will be the only wallpaper wall in the room — it has to be done right!

You want your guests’ eyes drawn to your accent wall and wowed by your expert wallpapering skills. Below are five tips to help when creating an amazing, trend-setting accent wall all your friends will want to copy.

1. Be Bold and Brave When Choosing a Design

What’s the point of making an accent wall if it doesn’t make the confident statement accent walls are known for? Now is the time to branch out and embrace the bright colors, strong lines and dramatic shapes you’ve eyed with curiosity but can’t seem to fit into a traditional interior design scheme.

Be bold and be brave — find a pattern that incorporates key colors from the rest of the room, but stands out.

2. Choose the Right Wall Too

Don’t pick just any wall for your accent — choose the one that needs a pick-me-up. Hanging wallpaper is easier on a blank, boring wall, and sometimes those are the ideal spots for an accent enhancement.

3. Prep Your Wall Correctly

Since your wall will have a lot of eyes on it, it wouldn’t do to settle for hanging wallpaper over imperfections that will show through in the finished product. It’s important to spackle efficiently, smoothing out the plaster so that you have a clean, even surface to work with.

4. Paint the Other Walls First

Are you planning on painting the other walls as part of a whole-room redesign? Then get this done first. Otherwise, you’ll have to take extra care to avoid getting paint on the new wallpaper — a tricky, stressful process.

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5. Trim Precisely

Use a straightedge and sharp utility knife to cleanly trim the edges of the wallpaper once you’re done. After you’ve trimmed it, smooth out any air bubbles and wipe away excess paste with a sponge.

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