The 5 Top Wallpaper Colors for 2018

Designer wallpaper colors for 2018 are all about color. Every year is marked by changes and developments in the world of design, which range from slight to drastic.

The past few years have seen a gradual shift from neutrals to bolds. It might seem to have happened overnight, but when you track the progression, it’s clear that from 2016 to now, a big shift has taken place in the level of dramatics with color. While light greens, light grays, and whites were all the rage two years ago, 2018 is ushering in a new reality for interior color.

Below are five of the top picks for wallpaper colors that will likely trend in 2018.

Black Is Back

Black is back — but did it ever leave? Black has always been a popular color choice for design, but usually as an accent piece, not a backdrop. Now, black is being used for walls. In fact, you can use many different types of blacks that vary in lightness and depth.

While black can create a stately atmosphere on its own, its power is enhanced by what you put around it. Black is commonly used in a monochromatic scheme, with the dichotomy of white design features to offset it as a main color. Don’t be afraid to put black on your walls!

Berry Reds

Picture a rich, raspberry red in your living room or a bright strawberry shade in your powder room. There is a vast difference between these shades and a starker, fire-engine red. The richness of the natural berry shade adds softness while still supporting a bold statement.

Deep Blue-Greens

The time of “seafoam green” or “sky blue” shades is over. Now it’s about the lush fullness of much darker versions of these colors. Deep blue-greens are all the rage and an ideal choice for your next wallpaper redecoration project.

Rose Gold

The last two items on our list come the closest to being classified as neutrals. First, rose gold is the 2018 version of ivory. A subtle blend of gold and pink result in a gorgeous shade that qualifies for use anywhere in the home! But it’s especially comforting and safe, so it’s an ideal choice for your restful areas.

Foggy Gray

Light gray has gone by the wayside, to be replaced with a darker option. A dense, foggy gray will anchor your walls and provide a beautiful contrast to bright-white trim.

Richness and Depth

As you can see, the theme of wallpaper colors for 2018 is richness and depth, something the products we carry at Wallpaper Warehouse have in spades. Check out our online store and place your order today — all domestic customers get free shipping!


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