The 5 Ways You can Save on Your Remodeling Project

When you’re starting a remodeling project, you probably just can’t wait to look at before-and-after pictures. You want to see the finished result and you’ll work hard to get there. But there’s one major hurdle to get over: sticking to the budget.

Always have a goal in mind for your remodeling project. For most homeowners, the goal is to stay on budget while still getting what they want, or at least most of what they want. It’s an admirable quest, but it’s not always easy.

Take a look at are our top five tips on how to save money when you’re remodeling your interiors.

1. Leave a Cushion for the Unexpected

Price your renovations precisely. Account for all materials and labor, including demolition. But then add another 20 percent to the total. That is the minimum cushion you should allot before you start a remodeling project.

If this number makes you cringe and wonder if you should wait on your remodel, you probably should! You will likely run into unexpected costs, and if you aren’t willing to compromise financially, you may be better off either trimming your budget or waiting until you have more saved for the project.

2. Get More Than One Quote

Always get quotes from several contractors. Don’t go with the first contractor you meet, even if you truly like them and trust their expertise. A second bid could save you hundreds, maybe even thousands.

Unless you have construction experience (and if you did you may have taken on the project yourself) you probably don’t have a good idea of how much things cost. You may think a contractor is giving you a great price, and they probably are, but it might be too good to be true. Get at least three quotes.

3. You Probably Don’t Need Commercial Appliances

An emerging trend is to purchase commercial-grade appliances for home kitchens. Unless you’re an executive chef, you probably don’t need such expensive appliances. They can quickly ratchet up the budget and may not leave you room for other items that matter.

4. Go for Used Materials

If you’re trying to renovate on a budget, look for used materials. If you don’t like the thought of used items, you can still find bargains using others’ leftovers. Returned flooring or cans of paint, extra supplies from your contractor’s previous jobs — these are all items you can score a bargain on that might not have even been used.

5. What Can You Do Yourself?

As always, when you’re trying to save money, consider what you can do on your own. From painting to hanging wallpaper, it’s possible to trim the budget by handling the initial demo or the finishing details yourself.


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | 5 Ways to Save on Your Remodeling Project


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