The Arabian Gulf League partners with Vinfotech

Leading professional football league – the Arabian Gulf League (AGL) recently announced a partnership with Vinfotech for the re-designing and development of its season-long fantasy football website & mobile application. This is also the second time that the leading Arabian sports brand has hired Vinfotech for its design and development project.

The Arabian Gulf League (AGL) AGL has lately been trying to tap the younger generation of football fans. Part of its mission is the launch of a fantasy platform for the development of which the league chose Vinfotech – leading fantasy sports app development company from India. Notably, this is the second time that Vinfotech has been chosen by AGL for its development work since the group was extremely happy with our services during the first time.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Afzal Ahmed, IT Manager, Arabian Gulf League (AGL) said “the partnership with Vinfotech for a fantasy platform has given Arabian gulf league reach out to new fans while also catering to the likes of the existing fan base. We are more confident now to reach out to a larger audience who spend a considerable amount of time on online gaming and fantasy platforms.”

Need for a fantasy football platform

Fantasy sports industry is currently worth $7 billion and has been growing steadily over the past few years. Football continues to be the most popular fantasy sport among fans worldwide. Realizing the potential of a fantasy football platform, AGL decided to launch an exclusive fantasy web application centered around the League in UAE. The League committee realized that they may have been operating traditionally and may need a fantasy platform for a deeper connection with Millennial and Gen-Z fans – the demographic that dominates almost any industry today.


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