The Areas Where You can Hang Wallpaper in a New Home

When you’re about to hang wallpaper in a new home, it can feel like a big commitment. The first time those new walls are decorated, you might feel like the pressure is on to get the design just right. What do you need to consider before you make any decisions?

Move in First

Don’t start ordering wallpaper until after you’ve settled into your new home. How the home looks when you’re building it or touring it is one thing, and how it looks after you’ve moved your stuff in is another. Move in first, and start the decorating process after.

You want to know what areas you gravitate to in the new build. Where does your family love to be? What about your guests? Observe natural light at all times of the day and get comfortable. You’ll be better informed before investing in wallpaper.

Consider Waiting One Year

As most builders will tell you, a new home needs time to settle in the first 12 months after construction. In fact, you probably received a builder’s warranty for this time period.

As the home weathers its first four full seasons, you might start to notice the plaster cracking as the home contracts and expands for the first time. This is normal — it’s not a sign that anything is wrong with the house. But it can ruin your new wallpaper, so it’s best to hold off until the settling is over.

The Entryway

Once you’re ready to get down to business and hang wallpaper in your new home, the first place to consider papering is the entryway. As the first point of contact with your guests, it’s a place to make a key design statement.

If it is architecturally separate from adjacent rooms, you can take a design risk here and not have it influence surrounding areas. There is likely less furniture and décor here to match with the wallpaper you select, so your favorite print or color can be front and center.

The Powder Room

The small powder room on your main floor is another area in which you could exercise your design creativity for all guests to see. Since there is less square footage to cover, it can be a good area to practice on before you hang wallpaper on a large expanse elsewhere in the home. Since this room will likely see some sort of moisture, make sure to choose vinyl products that can stand up to the environment.

Shop Online

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