The August Wallpaper Trend: Cool Colors

Wallpaper can transform a plain room into a designer’s landscape. And what are the designers recommending? Go with cool colors.

August is the last month of summer. It’s during these final weeks that the kids will get ready to return to school, family vacations and reunions will be over and the busy work season will begin.

You’ll want your house’s décor to reflect these changes. That’s where cool-colored wallpaper comes in. It gives a refreshing, professional look to your rooms, and will help you survive those last couple of weeks of scorching heat.

Pair Light-Colored Wallpaper with Gray Decor

Some popular light colors are lilac, blue, turquoise, mint, and coral. Each of these colors pairs extremely well with gray.

A great option when going with light colors like these is to paint three walls gray and decorate the fourth with an accent wallpaper piece.

Or you could wallpaper the entire room and incorporate the gray in the furniture and decorations. Whatever you choose, these color combinations are sure to be a hit.

Brighten Up Space wallpaper cool colors

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll notice the sun is setting earlier, which means your home will get less light during the day.

White and other similar colors reflect more light than darker colors. Adding in light-colored wallpaper will help you to keep your home looking bright, open and wide.

Warm the Space with Furniture

When cool colors are combined with rigid, metal furniture, it can do one of two things. First, it can give the room a feeling of professionalism and modernism. This is great for offices and business, but not so great for homes.

The other thing it can do is make the room feel less inviting. To make a room feel warm and open, pair cool wallpaper with warm furniture.

Warm furniture could include a blanket ladder, a plush sofa or even decorative throws and pillows.

It’s also important to note that the entire room doesn’t need to be filled with grays or baby blues. Add an accent color to your decorations to spice things up. A bright yellow pillow will look great on your gray futon.

As you get bored with the room, you can change the accent color for another.

If you want the look of a designer space without the designer price, wallpaper is the way to go. With thousands of designs to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect combination of cool colors, class, and fun. Browse Wallpaper Warehouse’sonline selection today.


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