Benefits of Living in a Master Planned Community

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Purchasing a home is often the largest investment an individual or couple will make. There are many considerations when buying a property, from its type, be it single family, a townhome, or a condo, to its layout and floor plan, to its location, and finally, the price. Of course, the “sticker price” is actually an asking price, which means there’s usually room to negotiate. However, that’s about the only thing that the home buyer has any real say.

The location is what it is; and, it won’t change. Well, that’s not entirely true; the surrounding neighborhood could change–for the worse. What’s more, the property type won’t change either. When a person or couple buys a condo or townhome, those dwellings remain a condo or a townhouse. Finally, unless it’s a single family residence, chances are excellent that it can’t be remodeled to add another story, put in a room addition, or make other like improvements.

Which means the solution to most of these conundrums is a master planned community. Unlike traditional neighborhoods, these areas are designed in their entirety before the first shovel is sunk into the ground. And that makes them ideal.

Why the Master Planned Community is Different

In the past, neighborhoods were built with only the “neighborhood” in mind. Little to no thought was given–and still isn’t in many instances–to the surrounding area. Which means the schools, parks, shopping, banking, and other regular needs developed after or during the same time but there wasn’t any synergy between them. The grocery stores, banks, restaurants, retail, schools, parks, and all the other things were an independent afterthought.

Conversely, master planned communities are planned down to the last detail to include all the necessities. Some of the best master planned communities are centered on a particular amenity, such as a golf course, a lake or lakes, tennis facilities, and other great community features. What make these large neighborhoods different is that everything is considered in advance. The result is a gorgeous place to live and play. All the things a homeowner needs are within the gates or very nearby, from retail, to entertainment, to recreation, and more.


Advantages of Living in Planned Communities

Because the entire area is pre-planned, there are many benefits to living in one of these communities. Convenience is obviously one of the biggest advantages, but there are certainly more:

Beautiful landscaping

In these neighborhoods, the common areas are meticulously cared for by a dedicated team of landscapers. What’s more, these communities often include amenities such as walking/jogging/biking trails, playgrounds, and more.

Competitive prices

Because the homes in a master planned community are similar from floor plan to floor plan, the prices can be competitive when the properties go onto the market.

Stabilized values

Another great thing about these neighborhoods is that one neighbor can’t devalue another’s property. Putting it a different way, these communities are generally in an HOA, which means property owners must keep their houses in good condition.

Quality neighborhoods

Typically, these neighborhoods are developed by top-notch contractors with years and years of experience. That translates into quality construction, which is a huge benefit.

And rounding out the list is more space, inside and out. Unlike “traditional” neighborhoods with homes built practically on top of each other, master plan communities offer a lot of space, both inside the homes and outside. All of these features make buying and living in a master planned neighborhood a great decision. Homes are built with the best materials, the common areas are well maintained, there are several amenities, and all the residents enjoy the convenience of having what they regularly need close-by.

If you’d like to learn more about the many benefits of living in a master planned community in Cochrane contact us. We can tell about all about the many perks of purchasing a home in such as neighborhood and why it is a great investment in your future. With our expertise in real estate, we can assist you in finding a home that fits your needs and is within your budget.


Blog Source: My Saratosa Homes | Advantages Of Living In A Master Planned Community by Robert Orr


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