The Best Educational Wallpapers for Your Child’s Bedroom

Educational wallpaper can spark curiosity and genuine interest in the mind of your child, especially when they welcome a distraction from sleep or when they first wake in the morning.

As a parent, you may be concerned about your child’s environment. Are they eating the right foods? Are they developing properly? Do they need additional help in any areas? You want your child to be nurtured, but nudged along toward independence at the same time.

You can strengthen their love for knowledge and create a culture of learning in your home by using the walls that surround them to inspire them to dream and imagine!

Wallpaper: More Than a Decoration

Wallpaper is so much more exciting than paint. Instead of one color, your child can look at a myriad of images designed to both educate and inspire them. Below are some ideas for hanging educational wallpaper. 

Map Murals

It pays to know your geography. Hang a map mural and begin getting your child acclimated at a young age to identify continents, countries, and states, maybe even capital cities. It’s a great way to expose them to reading a map and understanding where they are in relation to the rest of the world.

Animal Theme

Do you have a young animal lover? Hang educational wallpaper depicting their favorite animals. This is a great conversation-starter. Ask them, “Can you tell me one cool fact about a tiger?” and other questions about the creatures on their wall and encourage them to explore topics deeper.

Botanical Beauty

If you believe your child is a budding botanist, floral or botanical wallpaper could be a good fit. If they like planting, watering and fertilizing their miniature garden, they probably will love being surrounded by plants when they’re in their room as well.

Things That Go

Planes, trains, and automobiles are also much-loved by children. It’s fun for them to picture taking their favorite mode of transportation to a far-off land, and many kids love talking about these machines from a young age. Give your budding conductor or airline pilot an opportunity to exercise their imagination!

Colors of the Rainbow

rainbow wallpaper pattern makes a colorful room! They can learn about colors and how they blend to make other colors. While your child likely already has a favorite color, having rainbow wallpaper could eventually change their mind!

Learning Moments Build Strong Bonds

Educational wallpaper is a product that creates a dialogue between parent and child, or among the kids! Bring new information and ideas into their life at a young age and watch them develop into thinking, curious young adults right before your eyes. Shop our selection of wallpaper online and we guarantee you will save!


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | Educational Wallpaper for Your Child’s Bedroom


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