Best Gift Ideas for Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints look great on the walls of your home or office. Capture the moments in your life that matter and print them to last forever.

A canvas print makes an affordable and thoughtful gift. If you have a special occasion for a loved one or a friend coming up, consider getting them a print to show them how much they matter to you.

Canvas prints are an excellent choice for stylish décor in the home and office. From floral canvas wall art to personalized images, there are plenty of design options. We decided to give you a list of suitable occasions where a canvas print would be the perfect gift.

Is your best friend getting married? Everyone has to bring a wedding gift to the party, so – what are you taking? Instead of getting your friends a toaster to commemorate their love, why not choose a canvas print instead?

A canvas print is a great gift idea for newlyweds. The chances are you have plenty of photos of your friend and her partner on your phone. Take some time and go through your archives to select your top 10 pictures.

Ask your other friends for input and narrow your choices down to the top 4 to 6 photos of the happy couple. Get a canvas printer to create a collage design for your friend and her partner and present it to them with a speech at their reception.


Father’s and Mother’s Day
Where would we be in life without our parents? We all rely on support from our family when times get rough, and your parents probably mean the world to you. Show them how much you care by arranging a canvas print for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Gather up your best photos of the family where your mother or father plays the central figure in the image. Follow the same process of picking out your top 4 to 6 photos and get help from your siblings if you have any.

Present them to your folks with breakfast in bed and watch them try to choke back the tears. This kind of thoughtful, personalized gift beats anything you could buy them online.

Do you have a friend or family member with a birthday coming up soon? Instead of wasting your money on a gift they won’t ever use, give them something they’ll remember forever. A canvas print featuring a collage of the best moments of your friendship is a special gift that melts the heart of the recipient.

Go through your best pictures of you and your friend. Include other people that are close to both of you in your relationship. Take the best 20 images and ask your canvas printer to design a 4-board canvas print using four individual canvasses to capture a different theme in each piece.

For instance, on the one square, it could be pictures of just you and your friend. One another, its pics of everyone you know, another square could have only pictures of her, and the final square – well, we’ll leave that to your imagination.

Celebrate Friendships
As we just mentioned, friends are a special blessing in life. Where would you be without the support, counsel, and advice from your best friends in life? Friends matter deeply to all of us, and being a good friend to people is part of being a functional human being.

If your friend has a special event in their life coming up soon, celebrate it by getting them the gift of a canvas print. If she’s graduating from college this year, then take photos of her on the graduation day. Images of her receiving her diploma, tossing her hat in the air, and hugging family and friends will all work well in a collage.

Take the photos to your canvas printer and ask them to design a canvas print that includes as many photos as you like. This print makes for a thoughtful gift that will leave your friend breathless in appreciation.

Celebrate Relationships and Anniversaries
If you and your partner have your anniversary coming up, do something different with your gift idea. A canvas print offers you a great gift idea for your loved one. We’re sure you’re both trying to save money, and a canvas print is an affordable, but creative way of getting your partner something they will remember forever.

Choose the moments in your relationship that you remember fondly. Visit your canvas printer and ask them to design a collage of your favorite memories. Your partner will love this gift. It shows that you spent time and effort collating those memories that were important to you. It’s a far more impressive gift than merely picking out a piece of jewelry.

Watch the look on your partner’s face as they open your gift and see the collection of carefully selected photos that bring the memories flooding back to life. There won’t be a dry eye in the room.

Celebrate Achievements
Did you or your friends just bag a prize deer on your hunting trip? Did you just buy your first Ferrari? Maybe you just got a check for a million dollars? We all need to cherish and remember these life events. Sure, it’s OK to pull out your phone and look at the picture from time to time, but what if the picture tells a story?

For instance, if you did bag that prize axis deer in Maui on your last trip to the island chain, you might want to get that photo printed on canvas and hang it above your bar at home with the antlers. Every time someone sees it, they’re sure to ask you about it and get the story out of you.

Celebrate a Life Milestone
Was there a moment in life where things changed for you forever? Capture that moment on a canvas print and remember it always. Whether it’s a child’s christening, or you crossing the finish line in a marathon, a canvas print is a perfect way to commemorate these occasions.

If someone you know or love has a special celebratory day coming up in their life, surprise them with a canvas print. The print can help them reflect on the events leading up to the celebration. For instance, if you’re looking for a gift for a friend that’s a lawyer, get them a canvas print of them graduating from law school.

Give Your Sibling a Collage
If your brother or sister has a birthday coming up, they probably are dreading your next gift. Most siblings have the habit of unintentionally giving each other the worst gifts. However, you can break this trend by giving them a canvas print for their birthday present this year.

Choose 10 to 15 photos of you and your sibling together during good times. Give them to the canvas printer and let them design a collage. Your brother or sister will love this gift, and you’ll probably spend a few hours reveling in nostalgia as you look over the photos together.

Remember a Loved One
Losing someone is a tragedy that all of us have to deal with at some point in our lives. Whether the loss was unexpected or a natural event, dealing with the emotions that occur during the morning period is challenging.

If a member of the family or a close friend passes, commemorate their life with a canvas print. Choose a few photos of the best moments of your time together. Have a canvas printer design a collage and print it out on a large landscape.

Present it at the wake or funeral, and let the guests talk about the special times you all had together. A canvas print is a great way to celebrate life and remember those special times and relationships we forge with others.

Capture the Feeling of a Dream Vacation
Do you have an ideal dream place where you want to be right now? If it’s your dream to retire to a wood cabin in the mountains or a beach house on a sandy stretch of shoreline, give your mind something to focus on.

Browse around online and look for the perfect photo of snow-capped mountain peaks of a white-sand beach with palm trees hanging over the water. Have your canvas printer create a large panoramic and hang it in your study, bedroom, or living room.

The piece acts as a constant reminder to your subconscious of where you want to be.

In Closing – Choose a Quality Canvas Printer
Whether you’re printing photos of people or floral canvas wall art, you need to work with a good canvas printer. Before you place your order, make sure you check on the reputation of the canvas printing service you’re thinking of using.

Check out their profiles on social media and look at what other people say about the printer’s work. Call the printer and ask them what technology and ink they use. As a final tip, always inspect your print before you take it home.



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