If you are looking for the best professional photography printing services, look no further than PrintingCenterUSA! We offer pleasing colors, a wide variety of photography products, and excellent customer service. These are especially important since everything that you create using your photography is a representation of your business. If you have poor printed products, this is going to make your business look low-quality and affect your brand. If you create high-quality photography products, your business will look more professional and reputable. Use your photos to create promotional marketing materials for businesses, a tool to fundraise for a non-profit, photography calendars, school yearbooks, recital & pageant photo books, greeting cards, wedding photography books, coffee table books, and so much more! Whatever your goal is, you are sure to find what you are looking for on PrintingCenterUSA!

Business Promotional / Fundraising / Photography Products
We offer many different types of products that you can use to promote your client’s business! But the photos are what are really going to capture customers. A high-quality photograph is a valuable tool in your marketing plan, so don’t overlook it.

Calendar Example
Photography Calendars
Calendars are a great way to showcase your photography, raise money, or fundraise! You can sell your calendars to customers or clients to raise money. Or, if you use PrintingCenterUSA’s templates, you have the option to sell ad space to sponsors. Having upfront sponsors adds extra profits from calendar sales, earning you more money for whatever cause you are supporting. We have many tips on how to create the best fundraising calendar here.

Yearbook Printing
Yearbook Printing
You will love our custom yearbooks! Yearbooks are perfect for charter schools, private schools, academies, catholic & other religious schools, pre-schools, elementary schools, K-9, middle schools, military branches, and more to celebrate the last year in their organization. Schools will also find value in ordering team sports books or school club books. They can purchase your books to share among the players, sell to their fans, or advertise their upcoming games. Include lots of action shots of the highlights from the last season to get everyone excited for the upcoming year. Our professional quality soft cover, perfect bound, or saddle stitched yearbooks are printed in vivid full color with vibrant photos and affordable pricing. They are extremely durable and are sure to set the school or organization apart.

Recital & Pageant Photo Books
Recital and Pageant Photo Book Printing
Give the audience and participants something to take home and treasure by creating a recital photo book program, perfect for talent shows, piano recitals, dance recital, or concerts! You can also make a pageant program! Friends, family, and attendees will use your high-quality pageant photo books to learn more about the contestants and the pageant. Showcase scholarships, awards, prizes, contestant information, and more! Past royalty and an appearance from the previous winner can also be featured! Not only are recital and pageant photo books programs great keepsakes for the audience, they can be a great way to generate additional funds for the event. You can sell advertising space to business’ and family members to help cover the cost of the program and to make a little extra money.

Below are some tips and tricks on advertising in your recital & pageant book program:

Sell ads of different sizes to sponsors (Half page, full page, quarter page, business card size, etc)
Sell photo ads of the contestant to the family, friends, and/or businesses to help show their support
To highlight your supporters, include a page that lists all of your sponsors
Be sure to keep a record of past sponsors so you have a good starting point for your next event!
Greeting Cards
Greeting Card Printing
Make your own unique greeting cards to market and sell with a collection of photos that you have taken. Creating greeting cards with photos that you took is a gratifying experience. Customers will love to purchase unique and original greeting cards for their loved ones. For more information on how to pair your greeting cards with your photography calendars, check out our blog post here.

Wedding Photography Books
Wedding Photography Book Printing
For that special day, your client deserves to have a favor that guests will cherish long after they both have said ‘I do’. Hand out Wedding Photography books that include your client’s favorite photos of the happy couple together, the story of how they proposed, or include details on how the events of the day are going to progress. You could also encourage the guests to write the couple well wishes in their photography books for your client to read later. Either way, they are sure to become a treasured keepsake for the couple and their guests! For more inspiration for a Wedding Photography Book, see our blog post on a magazine-style photography book.

Coffee Table Books
Coffee Table Book Printing
Printing professional photography books, picture books, and art books has never been easier and they make great gifts or home accents for your customers. A thick and professional photography book is a must-have for your photography business. Sell your photo books as coffee table books, a portfolio of your greatest work, or to chronicle seasonal collections. They are a fantastic way for your customers to enjoy your photos!

How to Create the Best Online Photography Products
Choosing the right printer for your photography is step 2. What is step 1 you may ask? Making sure that your photos are print-ready. Here are a few tips to make sure that your photography products are going to look their best!

Edit Your Photos Before You Print Them
If you don’t like something about your photo, printing it is not going to fix it. Printers are not magical erasers and editors; that’s up to you. If your photo is dark, low res, or out of focus, you should spend some time editing the photo or choose a different photo. On this topic, make sure that your photos are high-resolution. We recommend a DPI of at least 300 or more! This is very important because, although the picture may look good on a monitor, it may not look that good printed if the DPI isn’t high enough. Monitors usually have a resolution of between 72 and 96, almost 33% of the recommended DPI for print. Check out our blog post with landscape photographer Randall Sanger for more tips on photography.

Photography Printing Pro Tip
Choosing the Right Paper Type
When printing your photography products, there are a couple of different paper finishes that you can choose from: matte, gloss, and uncoated paper. However, uncoated really should not be considered because this paper is really only used for workbooks or coloring books. Uncoated paper is similar to printer paper and is easy to write on. Gloss and Matte paper are great finishes for photography products. Gloss paper has a shiny and lustrous smooth coated gloss finish; it’s excellent for making colors look more vibrant. Matte paper is a dull coated sheet that has a low gloss finish. The matte paper has low glare.

Gloss vs. Matte Paper

When to Use a Glossy Photo Finish
The shine on glossy prints is great for bringing out vibrant colors, meaning that gloss paper would not be ideally suited for vintage style photography like black and white photos or sepia tones. However, gloss paper is excellent for Christmas photos, nature shots, or color portraits.

When to Use a Matte Photo Finish
If you are planning on displaying your photos behind glass, go for a matte finish because gloss photos will tend to stick to the glass of a photo frame and be too reflective. Matte photos are great for vintage-style photos, photography projects that are going to be handled a lot, or photography projects that are going to be displayed behind glass because of their low glare.

For more information on what kind of paper to use, see
Why You Should Trust Us
Why Trust PrintingCenterUSA
We have been printing for over 50 years and over 20 years online. We have a top team of highly-trained customer service representatives that are ready to help you create your best product. We want you to be completely satisfied with your printing order. Customer satisfaction guaranteed! But don’t take our word for it. Take the words of the over 2,500 Trustpilot reviews that we have received, averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars! We pride ourselves on our high-quality prints, pleasing vibrant colors, and top-notch customer service.

G7 Certification
We are G7 certified, which means that we have color consistency across all of our printing devices. G7 certification is an industry-leading set of specifications for achieving a grey balance and is the driving force behind having visual similarity across all print processes. According to Idealliance:

“G7 is both a definition of grayscale appearance and a calibration method for adjusting any CMYK imaging device to simulate the G7 grayscale definition.
G7 is a method to ensure a similar appearance across multiple devices.
G7 is used to consistently hit desired color targets…
G7 is designed to align all processes, substances, and inks.”
G7 certification not just a certification that you can purchase; all printers have to be tested regularly by independent auditors sanctioned by the Idealliance in order to receive and maintain their certification.

For more information on G7 Certification, please see Idealliance.

Who Should Use an Online Printing Service
Everyone. Everyone who is looking at printing anything should look for an online printing service. Especially in the year of 2020. Utilizing online printing services are more convenient, more cost effective, and more efficient than using local printers. Plus, you don’t have to leave your desktop. With PrintingCenterUSA you can get your order from desktop to doorstep!

Print Your Photos the Easy Way
Making high-quality but affordable photography gifts and promotional materials has never been easier! With online printing services, you can design, order, and receive your products from the comfort of your own home. If you have already created your print-ready files, all you have to do is upload them, input your printing specifications, and click ‘Order Now’ to begin the process of getting you fantastic photography materials. Get the best professional photography printing by printing with PrintingCenterUSA! We offer a wide variety of high-quality products with vibrant colors that are sure to make your photos look phenomenal.

Using an online printing service and getting high-quality products has never been easier than with PrintingCenterUSA! You are sure to love the photography books, booklets, calendars, greeting cards, or however else you choose to showcase your wonderful products to the world!


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