Best Tips for First-Day Travel Nurses

First day on your new travel nursing job? You’re only human so it’s natural to feel nervous and overwhelmed. Remember why you’re here and how hard you worked to get here! With these tips from experienced travel nurses, you will be better prepared for your first day and off to a smooth start in your new travel nursing assignment.

These tips from experienced travel nurses will help you be prepared, hit the ground running, and remain calm on your first day of travel nursing:

Tip 1: Know Where You’re Going and How to Get There

Get instructions from your travel nurse recruiter about where to park, where to report, and what to expect. Make sure to have your GPS or your mobile phone ready to help you navigate your way to the new facility.

Tip 2: Do a Test Run

Know before you go, especially when it comes to a hospital setting and your new assignment. Before starting your assignment, head on over to the hospital or healthcare facility to become familiar with the layout, the unit, the people, and the facilities.

Tip 3: Be Prepared

Make sure that your scrubs are clean, pressed, and ready to go for your first day. Make sure that all of your first-day paperwork is organized and complete, and don’t forget to bring an extra pen. You may also want to get a small notepad, so that you can quickly write down helpful tips, names of new coworkers and staff, etc. Also, pack a few snacks in your travel nursing bag to avoid that last-minute rush.

Tip 4: Care for Yourself

Get a good night’s (or day’s) sleep, eat a healthy meal, and allow time for meditation, yoga, or relaxation. This helps boost your confidence so that you can hit the ground running with a smile on your face your first day!

Tip 5: Be Part of the Team

When meeting new co-workers, offer a smile, a firm handshake, and your full name, and make an effort to remember their names. Jump right in, and offer to help with familiar tasks. Don’t be shy! Be part of the team, and remember that everyone is thankful that you are there to help.

Tip 6: Take Notes

During new hire orientation, pay attention, and take notes. After orientation, you may have the chance to shadow a travel nurse before working on your own. If you ever feel uncomfortable, contact your agency’s clinical liaison.

Tip 7: Ask Questions

You can never have too much information, especially when starting a new travel nursing assignment. You will be learning new policies and procedures, meeting new people, and becoming familiar with the layout of the healthcare facility! Don’t hold back on questions; if you need more time, ask to go over something again. Hospitals want to help and support you.

Tip 8: Pack Your Nursing Bag

An organized nursing bag is essential to your day or night shift. Every nurse has a different list for their nursing bag but doesn’t be caught without paperwork, supplies, a snack or two, a small notepad or a pen.

Blog Source: Health Career Web | The Top Tips for First-Day Travel Nurses


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