The Best Wallpaper for Your Home Theater

In fact, now there are wallpapers specifically designed with acoustic properties in mind. However, these wallpapers tend to be on the pricier side and aren’t all that necessary.

You’ll enjoy your home theater room just as much with a normal wallpaper covering as you will with an acoustic one. The only question is how can you choose your wallpaper to create the best home theater room?

Here are four tips to help you get started!

1. Avoid Reflective Designs

The first rule when decorating the walls of a home theater room is to avoid shiny objects. That means no reflective paper, mirrors, picture frames, etc.

These surfaces all reflect light back onto the audience, which is distracting when you’re engrossed in the movie.

Avoid glossy wallpapers and instead look for ones with matte or texture. The texture will absorb some of the sounds better and won’t be as reflective.

2. Dark Colors Are Best

Unless you’re watching a scary movie, chances are you’re going to dim the lights down low. This helps focus your attention on the screen and all of the plots twists happening on there.

However, with bright or light-colored walls, this effect is diminished. Lighter colored wallpapers commit the same foul as reflective wallpaper. They mirror back the light from the screen and distract the audience.

3.Subtle Designs or None At All

The focus of a home theater should always be the movie, not the chairs, floor or wall. Avoid wallpaper that commands attention. Designs with bold and large images are great for accent walls, but not so great for home theater walls. In this room, subtle designs will be your friend.

4. Stay Neutral

We’ve mentioned how the lights from the movie can reflect off of the walls, but did you know the same works in reverse as well? The colors of the walls can reflect on the screen or projector. That means if you wallpaper the room blue, you might end up with a blue tint on your screen.

The solution for this is to stick with neutral colors. Some good ones are beige, grey, olive and black.

Add Wallpaper to Your Home Theater

Adding wallpaper is a great way to finalize your home theater. Not only does it add an extra acoustic barrier, but it’s also a lot more versatile. You can find wallpaper designs that look just like your favorite movie theaters in town, or you can do something completely unique.

With wallpaper the possibilities are endless. Need help finding your dream design. Contact us Wallpaper Warehouse! We’ll help you create the perfect home theater walls.


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | How to Choose Wallpaper for Your Home Theater


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