The Best Wallpaper Texture Tips You Should Know

Wallpaper texture can add a major boost to your interior design, but it’s important to know how to use it! As wallpaper regains its popular status, you’d do well to do more than follow trends — you can start setting your own. One of the products that many designers love is textured wallpaper. While colors and patterns are beautiful, wallpaper texture adds a third element that can make a remarkable design statement.

Below are five tips on incorporating wallpaper texture into your next redecoration project.

Texture Adds Dimension

There is one thing that wallpaper texture delivers that other products don’t — a three-dimensional appearance. If you’re looking to expand the boundaries your four walls are set, there is no better way than by creating a dimensional appearance with wallpaper texture.

Beware of Overwhelming the Room

While texture can go a long way in expanding a room’s feel, it can also work against you if you overdo it. It’s easy to overwhelm a room with texture, especially if you have many different textures that don’t necessarily coincide.

If you find a dramatic texture you love but you feel like it will be too much to hang on all four walls, consider using it for an accent wall. It will be even more of a statement since it will stand out, especially when you paint or hang wallpaper of contrasting colors on the other walls.

Texture Covers Imperfections

Do you have walls that are patchy or rough? Avoid the cost and time it takes to re-surface your plaster and simply apply textured wallpaper. It conceals even some of the most extreme imperfections!

Watch Out for Moisture

Think carefully about which types of textured wallpaper you want to hang in different rooms in the house. Hanging fabric or grasscloth products in bathrooms and kitchens isn’t recommended, due to the high moisture levels in both these rooms. However, plenty of other textured products work well in moister environments and won’t suffer the same level of degradation as a result.

Prime and Prep Correctly

While all wallpaper requires detailed attention during the hanging process, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to manufacturer instructions when installing textured products. From the type of wall primer you need to use to the amount of paste (if any) necessary for a stronghold, it’s vital to adhere to instructions to the letter in order to get the result you want.


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