The Best Wallpapers for Home Staging


Wallpaper for home staging is a great choice — it can transform your living space and make would-be buyers compete for the opportunity to live in your home. How can you utilize wallpaper to get the highest price for your home?

Upscale Helps You Upsell

Wallpaper has made an incredible comeback. Previously seen as an outdated design tool, today it graces the pages of the latest home decorating magazines. It’s seen as an upgrade that adds elegance and beauty. It’s the perfect addition when you’re trying to get a higher sale price.

The Amazing Benefits of Peel-and-Stick

If you’re cringing inside at the thought of having to remove wallpaper before you move, don’t! You can use modern, peel-and-stick wallpaper to get the look you love without the paste and the hassle.

With peel-and-stick, the hardest part of the installation is picking the pattern. After that, it’s easy — you just measure, cut and hang. You’ll still need to be careful with those steps to make sure the wallpaper is even and there aren’t any air bubbles, but it’s a much smoother process than the traditional way of hanging.

Trendy Yet Tasteful

Your goal should be to install wallpaper patterns that are trendy but also aren’t too dramatic. Find a tasteful balance between unique and neutral. That might sound like a difficult task, but one easy way to sort through our online catalog is to identify the top-selling colors of the year, then find wallpaper that incorporates these colors.

Add Eye-Catching Elements without Going Overboard

When selecting wallpaper for home staging, always remember that less is usually more when it comes to designing a home to sell. Think “accents.” Wallpaper on accent walls will draw the eye to the potential of the space without going overboard and overwhelming the environment.

These accents are what make prospective buyers’ imaginations ignite as they begin considering the possibilities once they live in the home. That’s the type of thought process you want in the home buyers who tour your home!

Get Great Design on a Budget

When you’re selling a home, you probably don’t have much cash to spare. From saving for closing costs to hiring a moving company, you don’t have much room in your budget to invest a lot of cash in a home you’re leaving. But ultimately, using wallpaper for home staging can offer a dramatic enough difference that it could make or break the home sale.

When you trust Wallpaper Warehouse to provide the wallpaper for home staging, you don’t spend more than you have to, but you get amazing products shipped directly to your door. Great design on a budget — that’s what we can offer. Shop online today!


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