Botanical Wallpaper Styles for Your Home

Botanical wallpaper isn’t just a trend, it’s a rejuvenation! There is no better way to give your interiors a facelift than by injecting tasteful, whimsical greenery throughout the house. Whether we convince you to hang botanical wallpaper in one room or in all of them, we’ll consider our mission complete.

Green Is Good

Green is arguably the most wonderful color. It symbolizes harmony, freshness, safety, and balance. It brings energy to every environment. Color psychology studies reveal green elicits feelings of comfort and peace.

Evokes Nature

Part of the reason green is so positive for the human psyche is that of its connection to nature. When people are around plants, their memory improves and they are able to concentrate better. Nature stimulates the mind, which boosts performance at work. That’s why plants are good in the office.

No Green Thumb? No Problem.

The connection between greenery — both the color and the plants — and your well-being is real. Sadly, many people struggle to keep plants alive. If you’re one of the unlucky people born without a green thumb, don’t worry. We can help you get greenery without any live plants.

If you’re not a fan of painting all your walls green, we have a solution for that too: botanical wallpaper.

Working Botanical Wallpaper into Your Home Design

It’s easy to find a botanical wallpaper that looks nice, but it’s different when you see it on your wall. Should you add it as an accent? Should you hang a full mural? Should you paper the entire room?

Our suggestion: As much as we love botanical wallpaper, we always recommend that when you use bold prints and patterns, you start small. Order a sample or enough for one wall to see how it looks in your home. Our large selection of peel-and-stick prints makes it easy to change the design or move it somewhere else in your home if you find it doesn’t work where you originally intended.

Consider all styles, both minimalistic and bold. You may find you end up loving the pattern you thought you wouldn’t! And just because you hang botanical wallpaper doesn’t mean you can’t still keep plenty of real plants on hand. The more greenery, the better!

Shop Our Store

Our online selection of botanical wallpaper gives the avid interior designer plenty of options. We set ourselves apart by not only carrying a wide selection of products but by offering quality. Our manufacturers prioritize functionality and beauty, and it shows. Wallpaper Warehouse also offers free shipping directly to your door, bringing you significant cost savings every day of the year.


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | May Wallpaper Trend: Botanical Wallpaper Styles


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