Bring the Outdoors Vibe With A Wallpaper

Wallpaper can help you bring nature indoors so you get the relaxation, calm and peace it provides every day. You don’t have to leave nature behind when you come indoors — not if you center your interior design around it! And wallpaper can play an integral part in creating the ideal environment for your well-being, both physical and mental.

Below are a number of ways you can incorporate the natural world into your décor, including by using wallpaper designs.

Work on Adding Natural Light

Do you have your shades drawn constantly? Are your old-fashioned curtains obstructing your view?

It might be time for a window treatment refresh. Brightness is an important feature when you’re trying to bring the outdoors in. Invest in window treatments that let in filtered light and are easier to operate to encourage you to keep them open more often!

Cultivate Indoor Plant Life

Start working on your green thumb and add a boost to the aesthetics of the room as well. Whether you go all out with an indoor greenhouse or place potted plants in key places around the room, make friends with plants and welcome them into your living spaces.

Use Organic Materials Whenever You Can

When choosing furniture, rugs and throw pillows, always go for the natural look. Woven grass rugs or textured accent pillows thrown on top of rattan furniture will bring you the outdoor feel you love. You can also choose bamboo flooring or window treatments.

Find the Right Colors

The colors of the natural world are the colors of the rainbow, but there are some that we closely associate with outdoors: green, blue, brown and tan, to name a few. Make these the main colors of your interior design and use brighter shades like yellow as an accent.

Choose Your Wallpaper Carefully

Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, your wallpaper search gets a lot easier. Set your color preference filter on our website and then look through nature-themed patterns and order samples to see the design inside your home. Our wide selection of botanical patterns and greenery-focused designs are ideal for accent walls or for the entire room.

But thinking about only greenery and botanical themes can trap you in a mental box. There are other ways to use wallpaper to augment the focus on the natural world. For example, a textured grasscloth wallpaper could bring a similar effect. The same goes for reclaimed wood or smooth stone, and wallpaper delivers these faux effects!

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we love the natural world and we fully support your desire to create an outdoor environment, inside. Shop our selection of nature-focused designs today!


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | How to Bring the Outside in (Wallpaper Can Help)


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