Comprehensive moving house checklists are paramount when it comes to having a stress-free move! With detailed best-practice moving checklists, packing all your treasures and moving locally, moving interstate or even relocating internationally becomes hassle-free.

Our best moving house checklists are based on having successfully moved over a million Australians over the last 70 years. Having been entrusted with over 30,000 moves each year, we know all too well the stresses and challenges of moving. During this time we have come to learn countless moving house tips including packing tips, end of lease cleaning tips and even some all-important do’s and don’ts of moving; all helping to make the moving house process as easy and smooth as possible. So, whether you enlist Kent as your professional removalists, or decide to tackle moving home on your own, follow our moving house checklists.

We’ve compiled all our best tips for moving house into separate moving checklists to assist you to prepare and pack your treasures as quickly, easily, and safely as possible… for your peace of mind.

Kent’s Best Moving House Checklists & Tips

Below you will find our comprehensive range of best-practice checklists for moving house:

  • The Ultimate Moving House Checklist: Filled with moving house and packing tips! The Ultimate Moving House Checklist covers everything that needs to be done from two months before, right up to and including moving day
  • Moving House Packing Tips: Jam-packed with tips for packing to move house! Keep your treasures safe by following our complete packing guide. Our packing tips cover everything from the best type of packing material to use and how to reinforce your moving boxes, right through to foolproof inventory systems and how to distribute weight and avoid overloading boxes
  • End of Lease Cleaning Checklist: Packed with moving house cleaning tips! Follow our comprehensive end of lease cleaning tips when moving out of your rental property to help ensure you receive your bond back every time. We cover all the cleaning essentials, providing handy tips to ensure a sparkling finish in every room of your home. For instance, did you know that to clean garbage disposals, you simply drop in a few of slices of lemon, a spoonful of salt and a couple of ice cubes; the lemon deodorizes while the salt and ice remove built-up residues. Or, in the bathroom, leave your shower head soaking in vinegar overnight to remove tough scum and residue build-up
  • Moving House Do’s and Don’ts: Complete with moving house safety tips, including packing safely and moving dangerous goods. Here at Kent Removals, we take the safety of you, your family, and your treasures seriously. Our Moving House Do’s and Don’ts checklist is designed specifically to keep you safe at all times. Discover which items you are prohibited from moving at all (including explosives, corrosives, and poisons), as well as items that can be moved, provided that safety precautions are taken. We even detail exactly what these precautions entail
  • Moving House Checklist – Two Months to Moving Day: Begin this checklist two months before your move to ensure you’re not in a panic when moving day approaches. When it comes to moving, an organization is key. We detail all the vital arrangements that you should be making at this stage of the moving process, including collating important documents and starting the packing process. We even provide our guidance on how to book your removalist, secure storage, vehicle and pet relocation
  • Moving House Checklist – One Month to Moving Day: Over the month before your move, follow this moving checklist to begin getting the all-important packing in order, and arranging transport for your special fragile items. If you’re planning on DIY packing, then this is the moving house checklist for you; we include extensive packing tips in this guide, all of which are designed to keep your treasures safe and sound while in transit. It’s our way of making moving home simpler and giving you peace of mind
  • Moving House Checklist – Two Weeks to Moving Day: In the fortnight before your move, use this guide for moving house for tips to ensure the moving day is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We delve into some of the smaller (yet just as important) tasks that often get overlooked when moving home, including arranging disconnection and reconnection of utilities, cancellation or forwarding of subscriptions and medical records, and even tips for moving computers, electrical equipment and data, and cameras
  • Moving House Checklist – One Week to Moving Day: These important moving house tips list will keep you on track the week before moving. One week to moving day is always crunch time; it is the week that can make or break a smooth, stress-free move. With one week to go, our moving checklist includes tasks such as arranging for a locksmith, the all-important details that you must confirm with your removalist company, and even the best way to pack plates
  • Moving House Checklist – The Day before Moving Day: This moving checklist outlines the last tasks to complete the day before your move. While the bulk of your move should already be organized and coming together seamlessly (if you’ve followed our earlier checklists), there are still a couple of last-minute jobs that need to complete. For instance, you should always put together an ‘Essentials Kit’ of items you’re likely to need on moving day (medications, first aid, coffee, tea, kettle, mugs, snacks, dog leads and pet food)
  • Moving House Checklist – Moving Day: This moving checklist will guide you through what will need to be completed at both your old house and your new home on moving day. All too often, even with the best-laid plans, moving day is stressful. This moving checklist should help eliminate some niggling issues, with tips like ensuring ‘high priority’ boxes are easy to access, what instructions you’ll need to give your removalists, and all the final checks you should carry out at your old address.
  • Storage Checklists and Tips: Complete with our best moving and storage tips, including storage packing tips and furniture storage tips. Whether you require short-term, long-term, self-storage or containerized storage, keep your treasures safe and secure by following our comprehensive storage guide.

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