Choose Wallpaper Pattern Orientation Wisely

Your wallpaper pattern’s orientation has a major effect on the room. It’s not just about color or texture, it’s about the direction of the pattern. It can make your room look smaller, larger, wider or narrower.

How do you want your room to look? Start by answering this question, then make your wallpaper decision.

Choosing Horizontal

What does a horizontal orientation bring to a room? Horizontal stripes make the ceiling feel closer. This is ideal when you’re trying to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere in a sitting room, office or bedroom.

Depending on the size and shape of the room, horizontal stripes could also make the room feel wider. This is great if you’re trying to make a common area like a living room feel more expansive.

Going Vertical

Verticality offers the opposite effect. It’s ideal for rooms with low ceilings because it makes the walls seem higher than they actually are.

If you’re decorating a small space like the main floor bathroom, vertical stripes can cause the eye to look upward versus around at the closed-in space. They’re helpful in a foyer when you want your guests to get the full, grand entrance experience with walls that never end.

It’s Not Just About Stripes

Of course, it’s not just about stripes — a wallpaper pattern without stripes still has either a horizontal or vertical orientation. While it may be more subtle, you should still consider it when you choose your wallpaper pattern.

What Else Will You Add?

The other items in the room can also add to the effect you’re going for. If you’re looking for even more drama than bold wallpaper stripes can provide, choose a patterned floor tile to juxtapose with your wallpaper pattern.

Use the colors and patterns of other elements, like lampshades and throw pillows, with a contrast in mind.

How to Hang

Hanging bold stripes in either a vertical or horizontal orientation requires an extra level of attention to detail. If you’re off by just a hair, it will be evident. You should never attempt a project like this without a level, and you should always mark a plumb line to keep yourself on track.

Shop for Your Ideal Wallpaper Pattern

It probably seems like there are more wallpaper pattern options than there are stars in the sky. With an endless color palette and infinite creative ideas, wallpaper designers would probably agree with you — the options never end. So the question is, how can you find the product that perfectly fits what you’re looking for?


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | Horizontal or Vertical? Choose Wallpaper Pattern Orientation Wisely


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