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If you’re finding yourself in the market for a new roof, you’re probably aware of the seemingly endless varieties of roofing materials, colors and related products to consider. The products you choose for your upcoming investment in your roof will not only determine the cost now but also the roof’s longevity as well as the required maintenance. One of the biggest factors when making a decision on the type of roof to install is the climate where your home is located. In a state as geologically diverse as Florida, there are different considerations to be made based on which city or region you live. In our attempt to make this process easier for homeowners, we’ve broken down which roofing products make the most sense in a handful of Florida’s major cities.


Tampa is typically characterized by its bright sunny days and calm breezes with daily high-temperatures averaging 83 degrees. Despite the beautiful weather year-round, Tampa is classified as the most hurricane-prone city on our list with the 14th highest risk of a hurricane of all cities in the United States. Historically, Tampa is hit with a hurricane every 2.03 years, bringing with it wind gusts measured up to 137 mph. Many Tampa homeowners choose metal roofing options for this very reason. With wind-ratings at 140 mph, metal roofs can keep your home protected and your family safe from even the highest ever recorded wind gusts in Tampa (Read more about metal roofing options).


While the threat of a hurricane is certainly less severe in Florida’s Panhandle city of Pensacola, that doesn’t mean residents are necessarily staying dry. In fact, a study conducted by San Francisco-based WeatherBill, Inc. declared Pensacola as the second rainiest city in the United States with over 65 inches of average annual rainfall and 56 average annual rainy days. Given the amount of rain, this makes Metal roofing materials stand out amongst the options. Metal roofs are extremely water-resistant and have been gaining popularity quickly with notable advancements in the style department as well. While asphalt or composite shingles are still the most prevalent option, the material is porous, which makes them susceptible to mold and mildew growth if not properly maintained.


Homes in Tallahassee also see less of a threat from hurricanes and tropical storms than do other major cities in Florida. In fact, 2016’s Hurricane Hermine was the first hurricane to make landfall along the Apalachee Bay Coast since 1966 – bringing along winds in excess of 80 mph — which is sufficient for causing damage to your roof. That said, most roofing material options can be a good choice for Tallahassee homeowners. Keep in mind that, like Pensacola, Tallahassee ranks high on the list of rainiest cities in America in 9th place, so some homeowners might elect for metal roofing or weather-proof treatment in addition to composite or asphalt shingles. (Read more about our shingled roofing systems).


“The City Beautiful,” is best known for its great weather and world-class attractions.  Orlando is typically characterized as hot and sunny with an average annual daily high temperature of 83 degrees and 233 sunny days per year yet The Theme Park Capital of the World isn’t all fun and games when it comes to your roof. While asphalt shingles are undoubtedly the most popular and affordable choice for Orlando homeowners, it’s important to know that asphalt shingles are the most susceptible of all products to consistently high heat and sunny weather.  Longevity of the roof can be reduced by 20-40% as asphalt tends to soften or curl over time from the heat, increasing the chances of being blown off the roof by high winds. That said, choosing light-colored shingles will reflect the heat and extend the life of your roof over other color options.


Jacksonville, The Bold City, is another coastal city no stranger to the effects of high winds brought on by hurricanes and tropical storms. While ranking quite a bit lower than Tampa in 32nd place on the hurricane-risk list of U.S. cities, the Jacksonville metro-area is still hit on average by a hurricane every 2.21 years with wind speeds recorded well above 80 mph in recent years, most notably Hurricane Matthew of 2016. These factors have homeowners considering an upgrade to a higher-quality architectural asphalt shingle over the more common 3-Tab shingle systems for their warranty against wind speeds up to 130 mph.

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Blog Source: Tadlock Roofing | What’s the best roof for your city?


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