Do you ever find yourself driving through a neighborhood and being drawn to one specific home? Chances are, that home was designed with precedence in mind. Precedence design is a key concept in modern architecture, and there are several features that set precedents homes apart from the rest. If you’re interested in learning more about this architectural style, read on! We’ll explore some of the most important aspects of precedence design and take a closer look at some famous precedent homes.


Precedence features Cochrane homes for sale with incredible vistas, modern architecture, and convenient access to the Rocky Mountains, downtown Cochrane, and Calgary. The new houses for sale include quick possession homes, or you can work with one of our Cochrane home builders to create the perfect house for you. Choose between riverfront and ridge home sites, both with amazing views.




Do you enjoy being surrounded by nature? A house for sale in Precedence offers homes that are on either the ridge or riverfront. Both home sites feature homes with modern architecture, including vaulted ceilings, open riser staircases, and extra-large windows to maximize the view of your surroundings


Deciding on a home is no easy task. There are so many things to think of that you may forget the most significant thing: you need a place where you can settle down and feel happy about your choice for years. There are so many things to think about when deciding the right home for you. Location, size, layout, and more!


There are many places to live in Cochrane, Precedence will help you decide the right one for your needs.



Have you ever dreamed of owning a beautiful home in Cochrane? Well, dream no more because here at Cochrane Homes we have many homes that are ready to be lived in.


When considering whether to build your home or buy one, it’s significant to consider all the costs involved. While the building will cost you more upfront, buying a pre-made house can be costly too.


Cochrane’s homes are one of the best companies for building a new home. Their service is great, and their prices are affordable.




In case you’re planning to move, I highly recommend that you have a budget. It’s important to know in advance how much money it will take for the different expenses involved in buying or renting your home, so that at the end of the year you.

A great tip for saving money when you want to get a house is that you should find a place where rent isn’t too high.

A good first step for anyone looking to buy a home is to make sure that you’re getting the right mortgage. New homeowners can choose between fixed-rate mortgages and variable rate mortgages, but I recommend starting with a fixed-rate mortgage because they usually have lower




The quality of a neighborhood is based on the dynamics of the people that live there. This includes how they interact with each other and their environment, as well as what resources are available to them.

There are not many neighborhoods in Cochrane, but in Riversong. There is the downtown, which is like a city with normal businesses and restaurants, but it isn’t that big. Then there are the suburbs which have typical houses and schools for families to raise their children.


The Cochrane Vibrant Community is one of the best places to meet people. The local library is always hosting events, and there are many parks nearby that you can enjoy with friends.


The new houses for sale in Precedence are perfect for anyone looking for modern design and unbelievable views. With quick possession homes, move-in-ready homes for sale, or new homes personalized for you.


If you’re looking for a home that has its all-modern design, incredible views, and quick possession-then the new houses for sale in Precedence are perfect for you. With move-in-ready homes and new homes personalized for your needs, we have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to buy a home in Precedence!

In addition to having homes for sale with amazing views, Precedence offers quick possession homes. This means you could be in your new home in as little as 60 days! If you’re looking for a Cochrane house for sale, don’t miss out on our newest community – Precedence in Riversong.

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