Why Commercial Snow Removal is A Good Idea For Your Building

Why you should consider snow removal for your building

Whether you consider yourself a small business or a big corporation, the need to keep everyone safe in and outside of your building is a universal concern. That’s one reason why you should consider commercial snow removal for your building.

We need precipitation. It prevents drought, rids the sky of pollution and other debris and gives us beautiful rainbows. However, when that precipitation turns to snow, it can be cause for worry, such as what it’s doing to the roof of your building and how you will have it removed. Finding the right snow removal company is vital.

Laws regarding snow and ice removal from commercial buildings in New Jersey

Weather in the northeast can be brutal. Still, residents have become accustomed to braving the elements without too much change to their daily routines. This means that, even during bad weather and cold, they expect to conduct business as usual. To take advantage, your business must remain open and accessible. That’s not just profitable, it’s the law. Do you know what you must do to maintain your property in the winter?

  • You have a legal duty to warn anyone approaching your property about any potential snow and ice dangers.
  • Remove any snow or ice hazards that could cause slips, falls and injuries and exercise reasonable attempts to clear your property.
  • Don’t dump snow onto public roads or someone else’s property.
  • Snow must be removed completely and promptly. If not, this is categorized as neglect and you will face penalties.
  • All spaces that need to be accessed by people who are disabled must be cleared in 48 hours or less.
  • Failure to comply with state laws can lead to fines of at least $250 for the first offense and up to $500 for each successive incident.

Reasons why professional commercial snow removal for your building is essential

You want to keep customers coming into your business.

Even a little snow can have a big impact on your business. If customers cannot safely navigate your parking lot or sidewalk, they may not come in at all. This holds true no matter what type of business you have, from retail stores to daycare facilities. To ensure your profits are not affected, professional snow removal is essential to keep your business operating successfully. Choose a company that is timely and efficient so you don’t lose precious business and customers while sitting around waiting for the snowplow to shovel you out.

Avoid lawsuits.

Research shows that approximately 80 percent of workplace slips and falls occur because of snow and ice on sidewalks, outside stairs and in parking lots. If it happens to your employees, you are looking at lost productivity and workman’s compensation claims. It’s even worse if customers or passersby fall on your property, as they can sue your company for millions of dollars in damages, alleging negligence and hazardous conditions. It’s your responsibility to exercise due diligence in maintaining outside areas when the weather turns nasty. When customers can see a clear path to your door, they will know that you are open for business and that they will be safe in your establishment. If they don’t feel this level of comfort and assurance, it’s easy for them to go somewhere else. Make no mistake, there is always somewhere else.

A qualified commercial snow removal company will help you identify potentially dangerous areas and develop a plan to keep your property clean and safe.

There’s more to snow removal than just walkways and parking lots.

While the normal areas where people are likely to walk will be your main concern.  There are always other areas to consider. For instance, even when you think you’ve got the major pathways covered, people are bound to create shortcuts off the beaten route. You must also pay attention to features like mailboxes and fire hydrants. There is also the possibility of ice-laden tree branches breaking off and falling on unsuspecting pedestrians, on vehicles or neighboring property. Trash areas and dumpsters can be especially tricky as spills and liquid may quickly turn to ice and create dangerous conditions.

Drainage can be a big issue.

Once the snow has stopped falling and you’ve cleared the walkways, that won’t be the end of your winter weather woes. When the temperature gets a bit warmer and the snow and ice begin to melt, this creates another set of problems. Your property’s drainage can generate icy areas where there were none before. This can also happen as the weather begins to get colder, with or without snow. Look specifically at areas below gutters, under trees and beneath roof overhangs. Anywhere there are icicles can be a potential trouble spot. Injuries from slipping on these spots of black ice or a falling icicle hitting you in the head can be particularly severe. Therefore, it’s important to have these areas professionally inspected before the middle of winter.

This is too big of a job to tackle on your own.

Hoping for the best or just winging it is no substitute for a complete snow removal strategy. With so much at stake, you don’t want to leave snow removal to chance. Trusting your local handyman or selecting a company that does not specialize in commercial snow removal can be a recipe for disaster. After all, you wouldn’t hire a painter to build your house. Unique features such as ramps or inspired landscaping elements and architectural components can combine to create a winter nightmare.

Weather can change in an instant. Doing things the same old way year after year might not be the best solution. Keeping your property safe in harsh weather conditions can be complicated and time-consuming and you’ve got a business to run. Getting ahead of the situation now can save you lots of headaches in the future. The commercial snow removal company you choose should have state of the art equipment that not likely to break down and trained technicians that will do the job right the first time.


Blog Source: Peck Brothers Roofing | Commercial Snow Removal: Why It’s A Good Idea For Your Building


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