What to Consider When Choosing Commercial Wallpaper

Commercial wallpaper choices come with a lot of pressure! It’s not like decorating your home where only your family and your guests will see your design decisions. This wallpaper purchase will be analyzed by every customer, client, and employee! It’s important that you get your commercial wallpaper choice right.

Below are a few factors to consider when you’re deciding on a commercial wallpaper.

Think About Your Brand

If your logo is lime green, every wall in your office should be too, right? Wrong!

While you want to continue brand identity throughout your office, you do not want to overwhelm your visitors — it will seem like overkill.

Consider ways to incorporate brand design and colors without making it all about your brand’s colors. Add secondary colors to your interior design or incorporate a neutral shade to complement logo colors.

Think About Who Will Be There Every Day

It’s not just your customers you have to think about — it’s your employees. They’re the ones who spend the most time at your business. What type of environment would most benefit them from a productivity standpoint? Do they need to be creative? Do they need to project calm? Do they need to concentrate? Choose colors that enhance these abilities.

Think About the Size of the Space

You might have found a wallpaper design you love, but if it’s big and bold, it won’t look good on every wall of a tiny office. On the other hand, small, intricate patterns can be too busy and repetitive in large spaces. Make sure the pattern you choose makes sense for the size of the rooms you’re decorating. Big patterns look better in expansive spaces and vice versa.

Think About Lighting

The lighting at your business will also help dictate wallpaper pattern and color choice. Lots of natural and artificial light frees you up to choose darker colors and patterns, but if you’re trying to brighten up the rooms, go light!

Think About Permanence

Do you own or rent your office space? If you rent, it may not be cost-effective to invest in traditional wallpaper if you don’t have a long-term lease. There are peel-and-stick wallpaper options you can remove and take with you if you’re not in a position to spend too much money on the wallpaper you’ll have to leave behind.

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Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | Commercial Wallpaper: What to Consider 




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