How to Create Ambitious Wallpaper Designs Work

When you’re making wallpaper a part of your living space, it’s easy to get carried away, especially when you look at the wide range of options available online at Wallpaper Warehouse.

Before you know it, you’re picking out samples to designs that are much older than you ever would have imagined when you began your redesign journey. Now that you’ve fallen in love with vibrant colors and intense patterns, how can you make them work in your space?

Don’t Go Overboard

The easiest way to make sure a bold wallpaper design doesn’t take over a room is to restrict where you hang it. Keep the statement design patterns limited by only hanging it on one wall as an accent. It’s easier to make a bold accent wall work in a whole-room design, rather than covering every wall with a product that stands out.

Incorporate Furniture to Add Structure

Once you hang the bold wallpaper on your statement wall, add hanging shelves to break up the look. When you have books and plants situated on shelving in front of an ambitious print, it adds a dimension that tempers the drama of the design.

Place chairs or a couch in front of the wall, and it will further lessen an overwhelming wallpaper decision.

Consider the Ceiling

It’s not just the wall you could use as your canvas for drama and definition. Hang your new wall coverings somewhere else: the ceiling. With an accent ceiling, you can put an eye-catching design somewhere it’s not necessarily required to mesh with the rest of the room’s décor. It’s one of the best tactics you can use to include the design you love without creating a mess of your home’s interior décor.

Start Small

If you’re nervous about adding bold designs to your interiors, don’t go all out right away. Start by framing your selections as art rather than hanging them on the whole wall. Or affix it as a backdrop inside bookcases or hang it in a small powder room.

Design Smarts

If you are totally sold on a dramatic wallpaper design, go all in and use your design smarts to make it work by neutralizing the rest of the room. Incorporate at least a few colors from the print, to keep the interior calm and in harmony.

What Are You Looking For?

Are you interested in a wallpaper design that’s the polar opposite of your current interior look, or are you just looking to add another accent? Regardless of your intention, Wallpaper Warehouse has what you need to succeed.

Find low-cost, high-quality products online and get them shipped directly to your door for free. That’s what sets us apart as a trusted design product supplier, and it’s why homeowners like you always choose us!


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | How to Make Ambitious Wallpaper Designs Work


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