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Fantasy game industry is not limited to sports anymore despite having several options in the sports domain itself. That’s because there are millions of users who don’t follow any specific sports but are competitive and love playing games online. Taking this clue, several brands have successfully engaged their customers onto fantasy game platforms winning brand loyalty and long-term customer relationships.

Vinfotech, being a world leader in creating highly polished fantasy sports websites and mobile applications, has experienced the level of engagement fantasy games platforms can create. Apart from supporting all sports and leagues, our native apps are easily customizable as per industry or domain, language or demographic.

The traditional fantasy sports industry

Traditionally, fantasy sports platforms are based on real-time sports such as football, baseball and leagues such as British Premier League or La Liga. Fantasy sports is now a $7 billion industry according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA). With more and more sports being added into the kitty, it may completely prove its current critics wrong in the next few years. There are emerging markets such as India, China, Malaysia and Africa that are now moving towards it at a fast pace.

Out-of-box fantasy sports platforms

Over the course of eight years, we have pushed our boundaries and created several out-of-box fantasy sports solutions for businesses who dared to think different. Our fantasy sports platforms have enabled several brands in industries such as politics, music, movies, stocks, eSports in a never-before-seen branding on fantasy gamified apps. You can engage your target by building engaging fantasy gaming apps for your sales teams or your employees; for teenagers or senior citizens; for a niche community or a specific set of experts. There’s so much that can be done through fantasy gaming platforms. A few examples of how you can use fantasy gaming apps for your industry are as follows:

# 1 Fantasy games for customer engagement

If you are a brand looking to engage your target audience in a unique way, you may have invested money in sports sponsorship. However, in just half of that cost, you can now created a fantasy sports platform and engage your consumers indefinitely. We can create stunning fantasy sports platforms to engage your most loyal consumers who would in turn bring more consumers. This is a unique yet productive way of getting the marketing ROI and a strong brand recall value.

# 2. Create a globally appealing fantasy eSports software

If you have ever thought of creating a fantasy esports platforms for leagues like DotA 2 and League of Legends, you may be thinking in the right direction. The eSports market touched 134 million viewers by the end of 2015. Vinfotech has the infrastructure and the experience to create competitive fantasy software for eSports leagues like Counter-Strike GO or League of Legends etc. or series like Halo Championship Series, Capcom Cup, Call of Duty World League etc.

# 3 Fantasy games/sports on TV and award shows

Reality television and award shows offer so much in terms of scope, seasons and gamification that a whole platform can be built around them. You can now build a fantasy league around a popular TV show and experience a whole new user evolution. Leverage millions of fans that follow specific TV shows such as Game of Thrones or Vikings or award show such as Emmy, Grammy, Oscar or Bafta and create a winning business. There was never a better time to create killer daily fantasy TV/award shows app or a season-long fantasy tv/award shows app. Vinfotech has created fantasy reality tv software for popular shows like Game of Thrones, Big Brother, American Idol, America’s got talent, Fear factor, Masterchef Australia.


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