Creating a Pinterest-worthy home office

Whether you run a business from home or simply need a space to organize family affairs, creating a dedicated home office can ensure your kitchen bench isn’t a constant battlefield of bills. With more time spent working from home, it is surprising that the home office is still one of the most overlooked areas of the house – with styling limited to nanna’s battered wares.

A streamlined home workspace should not be a mismatched jumble of rejected furniture or, worse still, a sterile room with a clinical chair and desk. On the contrary, the home office should strike a perfect balance between functionality and style to encourage productivity and offer inspiration. There is nothing motivating about dull colors and cluttered space.


Set aside space

Gone are the days where home offices had to be separate rooms devoted to paperwork. With the advent of open plan living comes the concept of open plan offices. Whether you choose to embrace the open office or opt for something a little more traditional, the end goal is to produce a dedicated office space.

It can be tempting to simply use the dining table as an ad hoc workspace, but this can throw the concept of work-life balance out the window. Don’t let that glass of red trick you into thinking you’re having “you” time hunched over a laptop on the kitchen bench! Home offices are not just reserved for those with the luxury of space, either. Smaller dwellings can transform an unused alcove into a stylish little nook for their laptop and calendars.

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Keep it simple

The key to a beautiful home office is to take the minimal approach when styling. A space that features a rainbow of color or every trinket that didn’t make the styling cut in other parts of your home is likely to cause distractions. Focus on a calming colour scheme and choose stylish storage rather than filling the office with pretty but useless décor.

Reverting to one styling idea doesn’t mean your home office has to be clinical or devoid of any flair. This isn’t some tiny cubicle lost in a sea of corporate buildings, it is your home office – so get creative with trendy accents and personal touches. Spruce up space with an interesting wallpaper or some refreshing wall art. Add a textured Lalit wool rug to make the room feel less office-y. Finally, bring the space to life with greenery. Display potted plants on the desk, floor or hang them from the ceiling to inject tranquillity, reduce noise and keep the air clean.


Get organised

Whether your home office is part of a larger living area or has its own dedicated room, there is no excuse for clutter. Leaving bundles of paperwork lying around will not only create a disorganized space – and cramp those already lacking in square meterage – but also reduce productivity. To avoid paper chaos and ensure a streamlined work area, you need to get smart and savvy with storage.

Reduce clutter by reserving as much of the desk space as possible for actual work tasks. That is not to say that the desk should stay completely bare. Small accents can (and should) be used to inject personality. Just stick to those with a practical aspect to them, such as a trendy calendar or framed motivational poster to ensure they don’t interfere with your day-to-day work. Opt for horizontal storage to make the most out of the available area. The Kidd bookcase is perfect for those with home offices not blessed with copious amounts of space. Open shelving is great for showing off décor but can quickly become overwhelmed with folders and stacks of paperwork. Keep files away from prying eyes with a desk drawer or stylish floor cabinet.

Choose comfort and function

Investing in office furniture isn’t as simple as picking out the most trendy desk and chair available. Unless you currently utilise a standing desk, you will most likely spend hours at a time sitting on one particular chair at one particular table. Therefore, you need to make sure these investments are as comfortable as they are stylish!

Consider workflow and the requirements of your workspace before buying office furniture. If you are incredibly organised and love the minimalistic approach, the petite Juno desk may be more than adequate. On the other hand, if you prefer to sprawl out and brainstorm, the sturdy Lewes desk would be much more appropriate. An office desk and chair that offer great fit and support for your back, tush and arms will allow you to work comfortably and productively. Always take the time to choose pieces that are both functional and beautiful.


Light it up

There is nothing more dampening to productivity than spending hours in dimly lit office space. Leave those dark and dingy offices for the private investigators in noir films. Aim to set up your office space in an area that allows for plenty of natural light. Allowing natural light to filter in while you work will not only save on electricity costs – it will also boost productivity and benefit your health. Plus, it has the added bonus of shining light on your décor (literally). Now we don’t condone daydreaming while gazing longingly out of the window, but short breaks are great for reducing eye strain.

While proper overhead lighting is important (especially in the winter hours), introducing a table lamp can create functional mood lighting. The stunning Alpha table lamp will cast a beautiful light and brighten your mood at the same time.


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