Deciphering between Hamptons and French Provincial

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful interior. You don’t have to replace your entire furniture collection to achieve the look you want. It can be as simple as investing in the right piece to transform the entire space.

With so many furniture styles out there, choosing one can be confusing enough. Ask for an elegant but relaxed vibe – and you may find yourself deciding between French Provincial and Hamptons. Both styles showcase soft neutrals and natural materials, which is why they can work so well together. But how do you differentiate – and ultimately choose – between the two?

What is Hamptons style?

Timeless, coastal and cool – it’s hard to fault the allure of the Hamptons style. Originally inspired by a group of villages in Long Island – New York’s affluent coastal playground – this style is all about escaping the hustle of city life. Neutral tones pair with warm timbers and ocean-inspired color palettes to create a relaxed yet sophisticated interior.

While both Hamptons and French Provincial offer a classic-contemporary feel, Hampton’s style is less ornate. Large scale furniture and clean lines in soft, dreamy textures scream comfort and luxury.


What about French Provincial?

Faring from the countryside regions of 17th Century France, the French Provincial style is all about relaxed ‘shabby chic’ living. It’s the perfect blend of quality craftsmanship and quaint farmhouse, where elegant Paris meets simple country – complete with fields of fragrant lavender. As far as color schemes go, soft whites are often complemented with warm golds and fresh greens on upholstered fabric to portray a classy style.

French Provincial is far more rustic and delicate in detail than the nonchalance of its American cousin. Intricate Baroque furniture pieces – such as the aptly named Baroque Coffee Table – are often paired with distressed timber accents to reflect refined country living.


Same same but different

While French Provincial offers ornate details, Hamptons is all about simplistic – yet elegant – comfort. But the reality is that the differences between these two styles are often subtle. After all, both French Provincial and Hamptons share a love for relaxed and timeless interiors. Unless you have a strong preference for one, mixing classic Hamptons with the elegance of French Provincial can create a perfect blend of the two. Here are the best elements of each style to integrate into your home.


White dominates

The primary color (or shade to be precise) for both Hamptons and French Provincial is white. The focus lies with light palettes and plenty of white-on-whites to create airy interiors. This is a big part of what makes these two styles so sought after. The stark whiteness is often balanced with neutral shades like beige and timber, with hints of washed down blues and navy sprinkled throughout. Combine the breezy Atlantic blue of the Marken Large Round Ottoman with the fresh white of the Beaudan Armchair to create a calming yet polished vibe reflective of both styles.


Linen is king

What better way to show off luxurious shades of white than with crisp linen? Linen is the perfect fabric for making a space feel effortlessly beautiful. This is why both Hamptons and French Provincial use it so profusely – and why you can bring both styles together in the same interior. It provides rich texture to an otherwise simple aesthetic. Use tufted furniture with button detailing – like the majestic Madeline Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa – to bring old world charm into your home. The linen will provide comfort appeal while the tufts or button accents lend a refined look.


Wooden accents

Linen isn’t the only natural element these two styles have in common. Both Hamptons and French Provincial rely on wooden accents and furniture to make space feel warm and lived in. The main difference here is French Provincial’s tendency to rely on distressed wood and aged metal to portray a country lifestyle. Expansive wood coffee tables like the Maison Storage Coffee Table are a good way to bring together Hamptons and Provincial style. A rustic wood dining table such as the Chablis Trestle Dining Table 200 x 100 can create an almost heirloom piece – making it seem as though families have been gathering around it for centuries.


With both styles flaunting airiness and casual luxury, the question is: do you want more rustic farmhouse or beachside cottage? There is no right or wrong way to decorate your interior. You can choose to exclusively use Hamptons style furniture or mix and match to create a blend of Hamptons and French Provincial (or vice versa). Whatever your decision, these two styles will blend seamlessly together to add casual luxury to your home.


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