Sprung has developed and patented a fabric membrane technology that not only surpasses existing building options, but also provides quick construction capabilities, complete design freedom, remarkable durability and lifespan, and lower overall project costs.

Sprung’s high-performance tension fabric buildings in a matter of days rather than weeks. Our cutting-edge fabric membrane constructions are designed for entire design freedom, all-weather performance and strength, long-term quality, and cost-effectiveness.


They recycled stuff whenever feasible, practice responsible construction waste management, and their structures are known for their superior energy performance, durability.



Sprung’s relocatable structures have a modular architecture that allows you to quickly add and remove parts. This enables you to adjust the available square footage of your relocatable building to best fit current operating demands.

Sprung relocatable structures are developed for durability while also being easily relocatable for multi-use applications.

Aside from the mechanical benefits of our sophisticated tensioned fabric constructions, their lovely internal space generates an abundance of light and space. Natural light, high ceilings, and one-of-a-kind windows and doors offer depth and spaciousness, and glass walls contribute to the open and inviting qualities of our ultra-functional fabric enclosures.


Our custom relocatable structures’ interior area is ideal for customers who enjoy an open atmosphere with light and welcoming elements.

As high-performance relocatable shelters, Sprung structures have flourished in some of the world’s most harsh climates and withstood catastrophic weather catastrophes.

Colorful images, such as ornamental accents and logos, may be easily applied to the Sprung tension membrane.


Sprung has completed over 12,000 structures in over 100 countries across the world.

They create new product solutions by constantly adapting and being creative.

Sprung warehouse structures are easier and less expensive to create than ordinary forms of buildings, whether the project asks for a temporary warehouse building or permanent storage facilities.


Choose advance innovation, choose Sprung for flexibility and the design.


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