An Epic Guide to Add the Glam Style to Your Home

Glam style, a popular interior décor option, is short for glamorous. Think “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” or classic Hollywood. While you may not be fabulously wealthy, there’s something to be said for making an impression. Glam style is all about flash and accent, without being gaudy about it.

Not sure how to effect Glam in your home? Not to worry. Below we’ve provided some tips to help you decorate your home in Glam style.


Floors: Keep It Elegant

Glam style is all about class and elegance. Dark, laminated woods are the way to go. You can leave it this way if you like, but wouldn’t it be better to glitz up your living space with a little color? An area rug can make a star-worthy statement piece or accent to tie the room together.

Carpeting: It’s All about Being Plush

Luxury is the name of the game for rugs. You want organic materials here, namely wool. High-pile fabrics make for a plush walking surface and a sumptuous appearance. You can either go with wall-to-wall carpeting or you can use area rugs.

Should you go with solid colours or patterns? Solid colours are fine, but they can lack the ‘oomph’ visual factor that patterns have. Go for simple, yet bold geometric patterns. The more colour contrast, the better.

Glam rug in a living room

Invest in Some Glam Furniture

Use furniture that has wooden frames. Straight-backed wooden chairs with plush upholstery exude Glam style. Nail-head accents on the furniture can be a nice touch, but don’t overdo it. Too much of one type of decor can ruin a look.

Want to feel like a star? Use a mirrored console table as an accent piece. It looks almost like a makeup table and works for just about any room.

Mirrored finishes on any piece of furniture can have a striking effect, but as with nail-head accents, use them sparingly. Mirror accents can reflect too much light and overwhelm the eyes.

Glitz up your bedroom by plopping a mirrored vanity opposite the bed. You can sit on a beautiful leather ottoman and put on makeup for your workday. Lights, commute, paycheque.

You want Glam furniture to catch the light. It might not be a spotlight, but it’s the star of your rooms’ decor. Put the biggest items in the centre of the room.

You need at least one large piece of furniture – a sofa or some chairs – with upholstery, preferably with embellishments.

Glam style living in red and black

Colours: Go for Muted Luxury

Don’t go overboard when you pick your colour scheme. Glam is about luxury, but older glam is about muted luxury. You want to look good, not gaudy. Neutral tones, such as black, white, tan, and cream work well as bases.

Accents such as gemstone colours, black (if the main colour is white, and vice versa), and muted monochromatic hues form the essence of classic Glam color schemes.

Under the right lighting, it can transform a space from meh to stunning. Just like a movie star. We’ll get to the lighting in a bit.

Be careful not to get too many decorations because it can lead to clutter. Glam should look neat, well-organized, and classy. Clutter is the opposite of that.

a glam bedroom with minimal colours

Layout: Does Every Room Have a Large Accent Piece?

With Glam style, you need a single large accent piece in each room. The living room has the sofa; the dining room has the table, and the bedroom has … well, you can probably guess.

These pieces need to have the starring role in each room’s decor, with the other elements playing supporting roles.

Put the main accent piece in the centre of the room. If you can‘t do this, put it next to a wall, but have all eyes immediately drawn toward it.

Position smaller pieces in a flanking position. Chairs should go beside sofas or tables. If the centerpiece is a fireplace, consider something like wall sconces. Balance is the key.

Fireplace with surrounding glam furniture

Lighting: Go Opulent with a Chandelier

Your Glam furniture’s mirror finish won’t do any good if there’s no light to reflect from it. Large floor lamps are the easiest to install and use. If you can find one with a dimmer switch, it’s even easier.

Of course, for maximum effect, you could install a chandelier. That is, you could have someone install it for you. Chandeliers scream elegance. Chandeliers come in a variety of designs. The classic candlestick collection with glass bowl beneath is the simplest form.

The good thing about chandeliers is that they cast multidirectional light with built-in shading and contrast. The best place for one of these is the living room or dining room, where most of your guests will see it.

If your master bedroom is big enough, a chandelier can look great hanging over your bed. Just make sure it’s secure; you don’t want to wake up to glass falling on your head.

Glam style dining with a chandelier

Glam style is one of the most classic and enduring house decor styles. By adding subtly regal touches, colours, and using properly accented furniture, you can feel just like Bogart, Hepburn, De Niro, or any of the Hollywood greats getting ready for a shoot.

Muted colours with powerful accents are the order of the day, as are mirrored furniture finishes. Placing your light sources effectively can vastly enhance the reflectiveness and appearance of your focal pieces.

If you want to “Glam it up”, be sure to check out our designer furniture pieces from Brosa.


Blog Source: Brosa | Glam It Up: Our Epic Guide to Add the Glam Style to Your Home


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