Fabric Shelters As Optimal Military Hangars

Aviation is expensive and the military can’t afford to risk any damage from the elements. Minimizing costs is a second essential element in maintaining a large fleet of aircraft. Fabric shelters provide the high-quality and low maintenance aircraft shade structures at a minimal cost, particularly in the construction of military hangars.

Why Choose Fabric?

When dealing with military aircraft, protecting your assets is of paramount importance. In coastal areas or extreme and corrosive climates defending aircraft from the conditions play a large role in the design of military hangars. Our fabric shelters are designed to withstand high winds and heavy loads of snow, while also protecting aircraft from extreme heat and UV exposure. Constant sunlight can negatively affect both exterior and internal components of aircraft. While safeguarding from sunlight, the fabric buildings can allow natural light in. Natural light can help lower costs by removing the need for additional artificial lighting during daylight hours.

Fabric military hangars are very versatile compared to the alternatives. Fabric aircraft shade structures, for example, thrive in more corrosive climates, where a metal structure could suffer. Our custom fabric structures are built to specific size specifications, allowing the client flexibility when storing oddly shaped, oversized equipment, or simply building in a difficult location.

Choosing fabric shelters means that you get efficiency as well as versatility. Fabric structures have a fraction of the construction time as a metal alternative and are portable. Fabric buildings can also be modular, meaning that you can modify space as needed. The materials needed to erect a fabric structure are often more cost-effective and easily replaceable than metal-clad buildings, which factors into maintenance speed and expenses.

See It in Action

At Shelter Structures, we have an extensive history of working with the military to provide fabric shelters. Our contract from the U.S. Navy in Kingsville, Texas, and Meridian, Mississippi is one example of the military taking advantage of fabric buildings as aircraft shade structures. This project entailed building a set of 36 military hangars for the Texas and Mississippi. The hangars would protect T-45 Goshawk trainers, used by Navy training pilots to land on aircraft carriers. These also had to meet the Navy’s specific needs, such as tight clearance requirements and handling 130 mph wind loads.

The result? A semi-permanent custom military hangar, built in only six weeks. The structures are strong enough to handle hurricane-force winds and reports said that the fabric shelters used as aircraft hangars lowered cockpit temperatures by as much as 80 degrees in the summer heat.


Blog Source: Shelter Structures | Fabric Shelters Make Optimal Military Hangars

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