Facts about Liposuction


So you have finally decided to take the liposuction plunge. You are ready to have all that excess fat (excess lipids) removed, and then you can go on with your life.

But wait! Before liposuction is performed, liposuction patients need to know some things about liposuction. Doctors will not tell patients everything they should know before liposuction; liposuction doctors only let patients know what is necessary for them to perform liposuctions successfully (to get paid). Even telling the patient the truth would make more work for the doctor – which means more profits down the road.

Here are some facts about liposuction:

1. Liposuction is (and always will be) a cosmetic procedure; liposuction results cannot and do not bring any benefits to liposuction patients outside liposuction surgery.

2. Even though liposuctions are done inside the body, there is no proof liposuction has any medical benefits for liposuction patients (e.g., liposuctions do not decrease lipids in lipomatous tissue). Because of this, Lipodissolve – which breaks up existing excess lipid deposits – can never be used on humans because it would cause people’s bodies more harm than good.

3. The most effective way nanotechnology can get rid of excess lipid deposits is through targeted medication, but this approach is not allowed in liposuction because liposuction doctors would lose their liposuction monopoly and liposuction patients will find out Lipodissolve is better than lipo (and cheaper).

4. The most effective way to get rid of excess lipid deposits is through liposonix, but it cannot be used for lipolysis outside lipo machines. Like Lipodissolve, it poses a threat to liposuction doctors’ profits; unlike lipodissolve, which can harm humans if injected outside of a lipo machine (it cannot get into the body using other means), there are no known side effects from using lipsonix on humans directly.

5. Lipolaser works by heating up adipose tissue to kill lipids, which is why lipo laser customers are not allowed to see before and after pictures of lipo laser customers (because liposuction is guaranteed when lipo laser customers lose their excess lipid deposits).

6. No side effects will be listed for liposuctions. If patients did know about liposuction side effects, then liposuction doctors would have to tell them how to get rid of liposuction side effects, but the only way to get rid of liposuction side effects is through more lipo – which means no profits for lipo doctors.

7. Lipoatrophy happens because the body thinks it needs less fat cells, so if enough time passes “enough” new replacement fat will grow back. This liposuction side effect can be totally eliminated if liposuction doctors remove lipomatous tissue (which is where the excess lipids are) when doing liposuctions. Telling liposuction patients about this liposuction side effect will cut lipo doctor profits, so lipo doctors will not tell patients anything about lipoatrophy.

8. The FDA does not approve any of the chemicals used in Lipodissolve because it would threaten the profits of lipo surgeons and pharmaceutical companies if people knew that these chemicals were completely safe for humans to use outside a lipo machine. Lipodissolve cannot be used on humans outside a lipo machine because it is dangerous for the health; however, it poses no threat to liposuction doctors’ liposuction monopoly or liposuction profits.

9. Patients cannot use lipodissolve outside lipo machines because lipodissolve was not intended for internal use (it can kill you). Lipodissolve would never be approved by the FDA if it were meant for internal use, so lipo surgeons do not want lipodissolve customers to learn how to make their own lipodissolves – which pose a threat to lipomatous tissue and the profits of lipo surgeons and pharmaceutical companies.

10. The chemicals used in lipo laser are safe for humans, but these chemicals cannot get rid of excess lipid deposits when used on humans directly; they can only work on lipomatous tissue when used on humans indirectly through liposuction. If lipo laser patients knew that lipo laser would not help them reduce swellings or bumps at all, then lipo laser doctors would lose some of their lipo laser monopoly and lipo laser customers will find out liposuction is better than lipo (and cheaper).

11. Even though some chemicals used in lipodissolve are safe for humans, they cannot be injected into the body directly because it poses a threat to health. Lipodissolve does pose a threat to lipo surgeons

profits because it is less expensive and more effective than liposuction; however, since there are no known side effects from using these chemicals on humans directly liposuction doctors can continue liposuction monopoly.

12. Tumescent liposuctions are the kinds of liposuctions lipo machines were intended for, although lipomatous tissue is not a big enough threat to lipo doctor profits to stop lipo surgeons from using Lipodissolve on humans directly (it is still a threat). Since lipodissolve cannot be used without lipo machines, this means there will always be a demand for lipo machines – which is why some lipo companies actually sell these machines at lower prices than other lipo companies that do not sell their own brand of machine. This means more patients have access to cheaper and more effective treatments compared with those who have to go through third-party lipo companies.

13. Liposuction doctors can make liposuction look like Lipodissolve because lipo surgeons use Lipodissolve on humans directly (the chemicals used in Lipodissolve cannot be used to dissolve lipomatous tissue directly because lipo surgeons cannot control how much lipomatous tissue is dissolved). This liposuction side effect is the reason why lipodissolve customers are not supposed to learn how to use lipodissolve so they will continue coming back for more liposuctions. The next time you visit a lipo doctor, ask them if they’re using lipodissolve on you. Also, ask them what kind of chemicals are being used in your tumescent solution – if they don’t want to tell you then that means they’re using cheaper chemicals that do not work as effectively as lipodissolve (which means your results will be less effective) or their machines are substandard compared with lipo machines that are sold by lipodissolve manufacturers, so you can come back for more liposuction in the future.


With this rise of new technologies, many people are wondering if liposuction is still an effective lipodystrophy treatment. This article will discuss liposuction, lipoplasty techniques, the benefits of lipodissolve injections and lipolaser treatments, as well as liposurgery versus lipoplasty costs.


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