There is already a lot of information about the epidemic and pandemic. Today, the very recent illness that affects the whole world is the coronavirus. Hence, this illness is already a pandemic. It is important for us to know when a disease becomes a global concern. There are stages in the spread of an illness. Continue reading if you want to protect your family and community from future health problems.

First, you need to know the meaning of the following words:


If the number of people who are getting sick is suddenly increasing, it is already an outbreak. Most of it is just in one area, but it can also spread. Hence, it can last for a few days or even years. Also, a sick person with a specific illness that can transmit from one person to another is already an outbreak. It is true, especially if it is a new illness. If it is already gone for years and a person gets sick again because of it, it can cause alarm.


It is good to know the difference between epidemic and pandemic. An epidemic can happen when an illness quickly spread in two or more people. Furthermore, it can affect more people than an outbreak.


On the other hand, a pandemic can happen when an illness already spread from one country to another. If it makes a large number of people sick in different areas, then it is already a pandemic. Today, the very recent COVID 19 is a global problem. It is the role of the World Health Organization to declare it. Mostly, this type of illness can cause a lot of death within a population. The number of death may increase base on:

1. Phases

global pandemic has different phases you need to know.

P1- there is an illness affecting animals

P2- an illness from an animal causes an illness to human

P3- cases of illness already spread from one person to another

P4- there is already an outbreak within the community

P5- the illness already spread to other countries

P6- one or more country already has an outbreak

2. Prevention

When a global pandemic is already happening, then there is no sure cure for it. Also, it is only prevention that can solve the problem. It may take years to make a vaccine, especially if it is a new illness. However, the speed of making one is shorter today than before. Once a shot is ready, then a group of people who can easily get sick will get it first.


Moreover, pandemic preparedness is very important to win the fight against it. There are useful steps to stay healthy and avoid getting sick:

In case you are already ill, here are the things you can do:

3. Preparation

Once an illness is already spread, many people will get sick. Hence, most of them will not be able to go to work. It can cause a huge problem if a large number of people cannot go outside for work. Therefore, pandemic preparedness is very important. It is better to become aware of what you can do for your family and the community.


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