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You probably could have guessed that virtual escape rooms are different than in-person rooms, but one thing is certain — they’re just as fun! Before you book your next (or first!) online game, check out our list of tips and tricks to help you win any virtual escape room.

  1. Communication is key.
    Whether you’re examining clues or trying to solve a puzzle in the game, it’s important for your team to communicate often and clearly with each other. No idea is a bad idea (usually), so if you see something that you think is worth exploring or trying, speak up! It’s easy to talk over each other in a virtual escape game, so if you miss what someone says, circle back to them quickly. Communicating as a team will help the game go smoothly, help you escape, and will make it as fun as possible.
  1. Always have your Game Guide search the room first thing.
    In any virtual escape room, your Game Guide is an invaluable tool. Searching for clues and information is necessary to get an idea of the task ahead of yourself. Ask your Game Guide to slow down or come back to something that you might find interesting. They’re your hands, feet, and eyes in the room, so put them to work.
  1. When in doubt, ask for a clue! Escape rooms are full of puzzles to solve, and while those are fun to work through, don’t let your team get stuck on one problem for too long. It can cause frustration and unnecessarily run the clock — you’ve only got an hour to escape! One challenge of the virtual room is that you’re not physically there, but just like any other escape room, you can ask for a hint. Remember: there’s no shame in asking for a little help sometimes!
  1. Have Zoom downloaded ahead of time.
    Your virtual escape room will be accessible through Zoom, a video-conferencing system that you can download for free here. Twelve hours before your game time, you’ll receive an email with the meeting ID and passcode to enter. You’ll want to download Zoom on your computer at least 30 minutes ahead of time so you’re ready to go. Have your teammates download the app as well, and make sure to share the meeting ID and passcode with them so they can log in on time.
  2. Split your screen. After you log onto Zoom, pull up an internet tab (we recommend Google Chrome) so you can split your screen to see the Zoom window and utilize your game dashboard at the same time. If you’ve got two monitors, you can use both of them for the best experience!
  1. If possible, use a computer or laptop.
    Although iPads are okay for a virtual escape game, you won’t be able to use both Zoom and your game dashboard at the same time. Seeing both of those screens at once is the best way to beat the clock and to navigate the game.
  1. Utilize your 360 degree scans of the rooms.
    Some rooms may not have the option for a 360 degree scan, but Remote Adventures do. Get a full visual of each room before you begin solving puzzles. These 360 scans will give you the room layout and can jog your memory of clues you already have that are ready to be used.
  1. Have a pen and paper handy.
    In your escape room, you may have to decipher or rearrange numbers, letters, words, or more that you find. Write down those clues to make it easier to solve those puzzles. You can also jot down ideas, parts of the storyline, things that you see, the kinds of locks that are in the room, and more.
  1. Give clear instructions to your Game Guide.
    Like we’ve said before, communication is key within your team, and it’s key with your Game Guide as well! Your Game Guide will follow the instructions you give as clearly as you can give them. But if there’s a little miscommunication, try using different words or directions to help them help you. Escape rooms are team efforts, and your Game Guide is on your side.
  1. Stay organized.
    Getting and staying organized is essential in a virtual escape game. Some parts of the game require making order out of disorder, so you’ll want to keep track of clues, items, and the kinds of locks and codes you need to escape. This is where a pen and paper can come in handy. Sometimes one lock can’t be opened without opening another one first! Your game dashboard will also help you remember what clues or items you’ve found, so refer to it often.

You may be asking, “Just how do virtual escape rooms work?” Find out here what it was like for the awesome team at the Escape Game to create this fun, interactive, and unique experience just for you and your friends.

Now that you’re ready to take on a virtual escape room, there’s only one thing left to do: book your experience. One of the best things about a virtual escape room is that you can assemble your team from all over the place and play together. So what are you waiting for? Get to escaping!


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