The Farmhouse Wallpaper Is A December Trend

Farmhouse wallpaper comes in all styles and colors. Some are designed to make your interiors look like a log cabin, and others are throwbacks with vintage floral patterns. That’s what’s so appealing about the farmhouse look — you get to define what farmhouse means to you!

Farmhouse Is Now Mainstream

Thanks to television shows like “Fixer Upper,” the farmhouse look is now all the rage. If you’ve opened an interior design magazine anytime over the past year, you’ll see that this style is predominant, and one component is using farmhouse wallpaper to complete the look.

We Want Shiplap!

Shiplap is a board that’s laid horizontally to construct outdoor buildings like barns and sheds, but thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines of the popular HGTV show, now shiplap is common in interior living spaces all over the country!

If the thought of tearing out your drywall and starting over with shiplap scares you (as it should!), we have a better solution. Just use shiplap wallpaper to get the same effect! It’s as realistic as you can get without undertaking a major renovation project.

Rustic Never Gets Old

The “old” look is always in, especially when it lends a rustic feel to the room. Rustic wallpaper is a staple of the farmhouse style. It can be made of weathered logs, or it might just look like rough-cut lumber. It’s great as an accent wall or in an office.

Vintage Floral

Vintage floral designs can be delicate, with muted tones that help it blend with other farmhouse accent pieces, or it might be dramatic, with dark and light contrasts and giant patterns that make it pop. Either way, you can work this into a complete farmhouse look that exudes elegance and class with a touch of antique.

Checkered Patterns

Where would a farm-centered look be without at least one checkered pattern in there somewhere? Checkered wallpaper can provide the accent your interiors need to get that homey feel you’re going for.

What Are You Looking for?

You can trust the team at Wallpaper Warehouse to curate only the best farmhouse wallpaper options for you. When you’re looking to redo your interiors in this trendy style, we are the store to shop! Browse our online selection today and find plenty of designs that blend with your vision of a truly rustic, farmhouse chic look. We can’t wait to see what you come up with using our products!


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | December Wallpaper Trend: Farmhouse Wallpaper Is In!


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