The Faux Texture Wallpaper

Choose faux or actual texture wallpaper for your home this month and you will never look back!

April signifies new beginnings — it’s when spring weather first starts making an appearance. For your walls, this means texture wallpaper that turns heads and makes your rooms feel larger, warmer, cleaner.

Why You’ll Love It

What if you could give your walls an almost instant upgrade that looks like it took months? This is exactly what you can get from texture wallpaper. Whether you choose a wallpaper that resembles reclaimed wood or silk, you’ll love the way you can quickly change the look of the room. You can use both natural and artificial light to further enhance its effectiveness.

Compare it to Paint

Many people think that texturing a painted surface is easier than hanging wallpaper. We’d beg to differ. It’s an incredibly challenging job and requires a big time commitment. You need the right paint and tools, and you need to practice the technique to achieve the right look. Plus, paint can’t give you the look of natural materials like stone, no matter how skilled you get!

The Practical Update You’ll Appreciate

A faux texture that resembles a natural material or fabric is a great choice for your interiors because it plays the part well, but you get all the benefits of vinyl-backed, washable wallpaper.

That brick that looks so real? You can scrub away the stains — no harm done. Texture wallpaper makes it possible to get the effect you love in the room you otherwise wouldn’t, whether due to cost or practicality.

Unlike the time and cost it would take to build a wall of slate, you can get a texture wallpaper faux effect for a significantly lower investment.

Hide Defects

This type of wallpaper is ideal when your walls aren’t in the best shape, to begin with. No need to re-plaster drywall prior to application. Just make sure they’re clean, and hanging texture wallpaper will take care of the rest.

With regular wallpaper, minor imperfections in the wall show through because the surface is supposed to be smooth and even, and if the wall underneath isn’t, the finished look is shoddy. With products designed to show texture, the dents and dings in the drywall are barely noticeable!

Shop Online to Save Money and Time

Shop online — it’s the best way to make sure you get the product you want at the lowest price point. Make a list of products you prefer at Wallpaper Warehouse, then compare prices, performance and manufacturer specs to help you get just the right product for you.

Our impressive selection of texture wallpaper makes it easy for our customers to upgrade their living spaces, and if that’s on your agenda for April, there is no better time to get started.


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | April Wallpaper Trend: Faux Texture Wallpaper 


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