February Wallpaper Trend: Maximalism

wallpaper trend that’s quickly gaining steam in 2018 is the maximalist effect. If you’ve heard designers saying, “More is more,” you’ve been listening to people who have fully fallen in love with maximalism.

Like most bold interior design moves, maximalism is either loved or hated. You’ll probably know the instant you look at a room with this theme whether it’s a space you could see yourself in.

What Is Maximalism?

In its barest sense, maximalism is a departure from minimalism. In a more complete sense, maximalism is a desire for personal touches and physical shapes within their sphere of living. It’s not, “How little is possible?” — it’s, “How much is possible?”

Some might call the style cluttered, busy or messy. Others see a work of art and beauty. It’s a risky design style that’s not for everyone. You may be able to comfortably adapt to minimalism, but others can’t fathom maximalism in their homes!

This design style might include busy, colorful, patterned wallpaper with plenty of artwork layered on. It might include shelves bursting with books, trinkets and vases or sofas, and armchairs of seemingly conflicting patterns and colors. The items on the walls and in the rooms are varied and plentiful!

Where Wallpaper Comes In

Think of wallpaper as the first layer of the maximalist magic. Wallpaper provides the base color, pattern and theme everything else will cover. There are definitely ways to create a maximalist effect with simple, painted or even blank white walls, but it’s just easier when you start with a wallpaper pattern you love.

Maximize Your Maximalism

This design trend might not always be about more all the time. It could be a simple case of merging multiple styles into one room. Mixing modern and traditional could create a sense of chaos, or it could create something more, something unique. That is the thought process behind this theme — building a new idea out of old.

Be Brave with Wallpaper Warehouse

If you aren’t faint of heart and you’re ready to create a maximalist room or rooms in your home, what better place to start than by viewing the online collection at Wallpaper Warehouse? We have style after style and pattern after pattern of products that initial excitement and creativity. The best part about maximalism is it’s a wallpaper trend based on you — what do you like? What do you find interesting? Start there, then the sky is the limit.

Trust Wallpaper Warehouse with your next online order — it ships free in the continental U.S.! Stay ahead of the latest wallpaper trend this month and explore new opportunities in home design.


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